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Stuck in "Move Locations" phase, unable to proceed



I'm playing the "Hook Mountain Massacre" sequence, currently in the "The Fort in Peril" scenario and Valeros is currently at the (closed) Prison, but after I move him to another location the "Move Location" button remains highlighted (but is no longer selectable) and I can't take any other action. If I quit to the menu or quit the game altogether, loading the save again puts him back at the Prison in the same situation. Tried pressing the keyboard shortcut for "End Turn" just in case, but it does nothing.


Details of my system etc:

- Steam version of the game, OS X 10.12.5

- PFID-6068F300759C4697

- Normal difficulty, story mode, permadeath off, don't know what pass and play is so I assume it's not on.

- Characters in turn order: Valeros, Ezren, Merisiel, Kyra

- Last action was something by Kyra at the Warrens, not sure what, only know it wasn't closing the location


Possibly related: yesterday's challenge (aid 5 characters using blessings) showed up as completed for me while I was playing but it kept popping up repeaetedly with -1 next to it, and I never received anything in the "pickup rewards" view. I waited for the day to roll over in case that would fix it, but the new daily challenge has now appeared and I still have the same issue.



I really hope there's a solution to this other than forfeiting and starting over.

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