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  1. I was fighting the giant beatles south-east in Dyrwood Crossing. One of them went underground and came out on my PC. This rendered my PC unable to fight, be selected or given any order. Reloading my game fixed it.
  2. When I am fighting and I pause the game, if I do so during some attacks the sound will play over and over again until I unpause.
  3. This happened to me as well. I fought around 6 boar and when they died, some of them came back to life for a brief moment.
  4. This happens to me too. i7-930 2.8ghz Radeon HD7770 16gb RAM Win 7 Home Edition x64
  5. I am dying with excitement to be able to test out the beta build tomorrow. I would love for it to be available before I get to work so I can tone down my enthusiasm a bit to be more focused, but I know this will probably not be the case. Steam always update around 1pm EST (don't quote me on this), so there is almost no chance of anyone playing it before that. I know there is hype, but come on people Steam ain't going to change their schedule for a Beta Build of a game they are not currently selling,
  6. I prefer the full screen UI, especialy for the character sheet. It helps having things not too clutered and gives a sense of importance to the whole thing. Like it was mentioned already the one thing they must get right is the unicity between all the UI elements in the game.
  7. I was really on the fence as to whether I buy the beta access or not, but after seeing gameplay, I jumped right in. I am looking forward to testing the game and providing feedback, because I want this game to be the perfect Isometric RPG of this generation. I hope it kicks BG in the crotch even tho I sinked many, many hours into it and consider it to be a gem of a game.
  8. I had completly missed this talk about the stronghold and I must say I'm impressed. The stronghold seems to be a fully fledged features which will require real dedication. I can't wait to see it in action because I will probably get caught up in upgrading it a lot.
  9. Didn't I read on the wiki that you can't make Hylea PCs? Dang I must have missed that part when I read through.
  10. My main will be either a Island Aumaua/Paladin or a Hylea godlike/Paladin
  11. The beta saves won't be compatible, because we will be starting at level 5 I believe with side-quests that are around the early-middle of the game. This will be a real beta, with the main purpose of testing the gameplay. There should be no ''story'' either.
  12. Will this be a release at noon or midnight? Nevertheless I am looking forward to testing the game. Since I saw the gameplay at GC, I'm reliving my childhood!
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