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  1. But that is stupid. That wolf shouldn't be dangerous to my level 10 fighter. My fighter eats demons for breakfast. The OP is right, level scaling is lazy.
  2. You can't ****ing make a game that pleases everyone, that's wrong. Damn I hate that attitude. You know what happens then? Dragon Age 2 happens, and Oblivion happens.
  3. Do you really think that Trent & Co are capable to make a cRPG on the level of BG? LOOOOL They are an *** bunch of **** who are only capable to use other people's mods and sell it as BG:EE. OP is a ****** (you see, I censored myself, but think of someting ugly). End of rine.
  4. They are slowly recovering. They released Saints Row3, Space Marine, Prototype 2 a few months ago, which are big names. Also releasing Obsidian SP RPG. I think they could manage another game, especially if it a Warhammer 40K game.
  5. Well THQ is working with Obsidian with the South Park RPG right now. Also, the Kickstarter stuff is not certain at all. They made the KS profile back in august, and it could also mean that it is for another project.
  6. An idea from the Codex. This seems very likely to me. Warhammer 40K RPG from Obsidian. God yes!
  7. No worries. If it is a kickstarter campaign, it will probably last a month. You can pledge a month later.
  8. I think the guys at Obsidian have a huge name recognition with oldschool RPG players, who will sell their heritage to finance this game.
  9. I was wrong. The new code shows that it cannot be a date. Eternity is more likely.
  10. IDtenT from the Codex figured out something different: Every X means a letter, and that letter means a number which is based upon their place in the alphabet. X.XX.TX is X.XX.20X. An examplet B.AA.TM = 2/11/2013 So the Xs mean a release date.
  11. Well, there doesn't seem to be anything to differentiate here, so my guess is that X = consonant, and . = vowel. So we'd have an eight letter word, running v-c-v-c-c-v-T-c. My guess is the final combo is one of a limited number of options - most likely H, S, or another T. Of course, that's just speculation, and not much use at this point. Could it be E T E R N I T Y? That relates to the ouroboros symbol. IDtenT from the Codex figured out something different: Every X means a letter, and that letter means a number which is based upon their place in the alphabet. X.XX.TX is X.XX.20X. An examplet B.AA.TM = 2/11/2013 So the Xs mean a release date.
  12. I think you are underestimating Tim Schafer's name. He IS one of the highest regarded dev in the industry whether or not he made a financially successful game. His games are always loved by critics, and the oldschool gamers trust his name. You say that his cult is not that huge. Define huge. It is not a million member "cult" certainly, the kickstarter project has 50.000 backers, but as you can see it, it is just enough to fund a 2 million dollar project. And of coures Reddit and other media sites also helped to rally the people to fund the project. As for not a lot of people playing Psychonauts, that was true at the release, but Tim himself said that over the years the game sold a LOT (there were days on Steam during sales when it beat Call of Duty in terms of revenue). Of course they didn't make a lot of money of that, but at least a lot of people played the game.
  13. They didn't bring politics into it. You did.
  14. OMG, I think I lost 10 intelligence point just by reading your comment. You brought politics into this? WTF!? Do you really think Obsidian cares about this political bull****? In case your over the top reaction was just trolling bait.. Good job bro, you tricked me.
  15. Sometimes I feel I misjudged Volourn on the Codex. That is until he starts bashing my favourite games. :D
  16. Dammit Obsidian, announce your next project already! In the last few years we always knew what are you working on. But now, there are just rumors. I'm getting more and more excited.
  17. Random PR preople throwing a number doesn't count as a fact.
  18. I managed to solve the problem (actually I found this on the steam forums): This applies to Windows 7. Only minor differences exist for other Windows versions. Close all applications Go to Control Panel -> Region and Language On Formats tab, set Format to English (United States) (don't change anything else) On Location tab set Current location to United States On Administrative tab in the Language for non-Unicode programs section, click the Change system locale button and in the new window again select English (United States) Click OK and restart Windows when prompted It works like a charm, but I hope the patch fixes this, so I can switch Windows back to my actual region.
  19. I have exactly the same problem, and I've tried the things you did, but no result. I'm pretty pissed.
  20. So I've just bought the game today, but I can't play it because it crashes after start. I can see the SE and Obsidian videos, but right after that it crashes. My spec is: AMD Phenom X4 955 4 GB RAM ATI HD 6870 Windows 7 64 bit I'm using the latest drivers, DirectX, I downloaded the Vcredist_x86 from Microsoft. Nothing helped. I tried to install the game from the disk, but also downloaded from Steam. No result. I confess, I wanted to try the game so I downloaded a cracked version, and (I couldn't believe it) it worked. I can say the game is fun. But I want my copy to work so I can try the multiplayer. Anyone could help me?
  21. You are trashing the game on a forum, where 99% of the people like the game? How clever...
  22. Thanks for recalling that Obsidian is also behind Fallout New Vegas - I just canceled my pre-order for it Do you think anyone here gives a **** about what you are cancelling?
  23. I don't think that is a problem. Not every RPG has to be a free roaming role playing game like Oblivion. AP is tight, strictly storydriven action-rpg.
  24. Gee, I hope not. Do we really need a second ME2? Not really, but I think it's safe to say people hate rpg mechanics deciding if they hit or miss in a game that plays like a first person shooter. By people I mean the majority of gamers. Well, nobody is forcing them to play an RPG. If they want to play a shooter, they should play ME2.
  25. I hope they work faster than the first time.
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