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  1. I had 3 extra keys. One of them needed the key. 2 of them said that they are not sure the game will deliver so they don't want to pay for it now. I'm legit, if you want you can check me on the RPG Codex. If you want some kind of proof, I can give it to you, if you tell me what you want to see.
  2. Hi! So, it turned out that some of my friends didn't need the PoE keys I pledged for, so now I have 2 spare keys. I willing to take part from them for 25 dollars each. I receive payment by paypal.
  3. Oh shut up. He told his reasons in the post, so why don't you just learn to read before complaining about the Codex or Sensuki.
  4. I understand that the framerate drops too much, but on the other hand it looks so cool.
  5. I too myself worry about this a little. Especially since Sawyer designed the game so exploration and the side quests are optional, and you can finish the crit path without doing those. He also said that the sidequests will be the ones which contain the really challenging quests. Thus the crit path has to be easier, if players must be able to finish it without developing their characters during sidequests. But this also means that if someone does the sidequests, s/he will have a very strong party, and the crit path will be a cakewalk. It would be pretty underwhelming if the final epic battle would pose no challenge at all. Sure, I can up the difficulty, but that might mean that while the crit path will have the optimal difficulty, the sidequests will have an unbeatable difficulty for me. You can't really win here. Either the crit patch will be easy and the sidequests will have optimal difficulty, or the crit path will have optimal difficulty but the sidequests will be too hard.
  6. Let me ask you guys, is this the book called World Almanac on the pledge page of PoE?
  7. Do I know it right that if an enemy dies, its corpse has a sparkling, shining(or somekind) effect on it? Will that effect disappear, if I open the loot window for that corpse? Because that way I could see which corpses were looted in the 3m wide area loot, and which ones should I check again? If a corpse no longer has loot on it, it will not have sparkles. Just like previously, you cannot interact with a corpse that has no loot on it. I suspected that. What I meant is if I check a corpse, and I leave the ****ty loot in it,will it still sparkle? Or the sparkling only stops if I loot every piece of item from the corpse.
  8. What if I open the loot container, but don't take the loot (because I don'T need it)? Does the shining still disappear?
  9. Do I know it right that if an enemy dies, its corpse has a sparkling, shining(or somekind) effect on it? Will that effect disappear, if I open the loot window for that corpse? Because that way I could see which corpses were looted in the 3m wide area loot, and which ones should I check again?
  10. One easy remedy I can think of for at least this problem (not touching on the other problems I have with this mechanic) is to highlight all containers in the highlighted container's radius. This would at least give the player a hint about which containers' contents will be visualized. If remembering which container you have left to check instead of remembering which ones you have already checked is easier for you, then I guess that's ok. For me it's easier to just remember what I've just clicked. Or, maybe looted corpses will stop shining, so you will know which corpses you looted already. We don't know how does this work ingame. Oh another thing. You can probably still go to each corpse and click on them one by one, if you want individual loots. You just don't pick up everything.
  11. I know pen and paper RPGs and cRPGs are 2 different beasts, but look at this way. When you play PnP games, and you killed a group of enemies, you don't say to the GM that I go to the first corpse and check its loot. Then I go to the 2nd, then to the third etc. No, you say: "our party checks if there is anything valuable on the corpses".
  12. If the only reason for taking a good look of the enviroment is pixel hunting, then the background art sucks. Thankfully in PoE it looks great, so I hope you will take a good look at it even without pixelhuntin.
  13. You are making up problems that do not exist. Who cares which item belongs to which corpse? You don't pick up loot based on their previous owner. You pick it up based on their usefulness.
  14. You disable taking things from it but not putting things in it. Yes, and once I have infinite inventory and the ability to roleplay a vacuum cleaner after each battle, this "contributes to dumbing down the game" as I already described. You can do one more circle around this statement if it will help you understand it. I described how it does change more than a bit. Less likely, because the effort needed to do so would be greater without area loot. See, you actually get what I mean. That's one reason I don't want area loot - it makes the vacuum cleaner behavior easier. The other reason is more subjective, hence I'm not putting it forward so much - I like checking out containers. When a few containers get grouped together this takes away something I like to do. Checking containers is part of the game. If someone finds it tedious I think they shoud not play the game instead of coming up with a "you win" button. You are getting too worked up. So you are going to vacuum cleaner mode because of area looting. Now who's fault is that? Nobody is focing you to go OCD. And I have a feeling that you would still pickup everything even if you had to click on every corpse individually. Area loot at least makes this more comfortable. And if you don't want to pick up evertything, you will simply don't do it area loot or no.
  15. If by "dumbed down" you mean "convenient", then I agree. However, "dumbing down" usually means something requires less smarts. I fail to see how much smarts you needed in order to check out loot of the fallen foes. *click* *click* *click* For the love of God, Using stash (infinity inventory) already means that you don't have think about sorting inventory, or deciding which loot you pick up and which ones don't. Areal loot or individual loot won't change a bit about it. If you have a stash, you will still click on every cropse, and you will pick up every loot to sell later. Area looting will just mean that you don't have to click on everything one by one. If you want to blame something, blame infinite inventory, but don't say that area loot makes you retarded, because IT DOESN'T MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Really? Do you think people don't care which super awesome +10 sword they pick up?
  16. I appreciate that this game is trading on nostalgia and that therefor changes like this can change the "feels" of the game in an upsetting way for IE superfans but the idea that it's "dumbing down" the game is absurd. I'm pretty sure that no one has demonstrated how smart they are by showing that, yes, they can click on loot containers. You don't get it. By being able to click on every corpse one by one, you will be so immersed, it is if you are right there in a fantasy world. :D **** art and sound design and NPCs, clicking on corpses is where it's at.
  17. What are you talking about? PoE uses exactly that 3 meters radius loot, not a whole area (as stated by Josh on twitter). So what's the problem?
  18. I don't think that at your first playthrough, you will know when will a natural team just turn hostile. The first ok, and the next ones? Are you gonna play this game once? By the time I get to the 2nd time, I will forget about which natural will turn enemy.
  19. What? PoE should use old mechanics just to show what we faced 20 years ago? Why don't you make a petition against automapping while you are at it. If a mechanic is good, use it. If it is not, then don't use it. Don't use it just because it was in the old games. That's quite a good reason. ****ing what? How can you fail at looting? I don't see the connection. I'm all for making area loot an option, and keeping individual looting in, but the reasons you listed are pure BS.
  20. I don't think that at your first playthrough, you will know when will a natural team just turn hostile.
  21. Depth of Field is the most awful, illogical effect ever used in a videogame. Could someone explain to me what is the rationale behind it? In any game. Depth of Field effect comes from cameras, which cannot focus to the distance and to close at the same time. But we don't play videogames through a ****ing camera recorder FFS! I don't even get started using it in an isometric game, because it makes even less sense.
  22. Really? Because I'm almost 100% sure that I assigned select all to number 0. I think it was reassignable.
  23. Come on seriously? Just get a dictionary and search for the word and the definition of it. Sorry its not "liking" its "longing or yerning" which is actually alot stronger. Also thanks for the insult. Its kinda interesting, how aggressive, defensive and personal people get here about that topic even if my post were neutral and only talked about the topic in general and its a opinion and you cant force it on everyone. But this has nothing to do with nostalgia. I'm longing for prerendered backgrounds and solid UIs because I like them. I like how they look. The solid UI is a great addition for the visuals, and prerendered backgrounds is a cheap, hardware efficient way of doing great looking enviroments. Unfortunately somewhere around the late 2000s, some people just said that "ok, That's it, gamers don't want these anymore, lets start making expensive 3D enviroments". 3D has its place, almost all genre benefitted from it. You cannot have FPS or racing games without good 3D. But prerendered games should have a place in strategy and roleplaying games. Ugh what is your problem with the word nostalgic?!?!?! Solid UI's is a part of the past. Can we agree on that? I assume yes. It is part of the past. They usually dont make games with such UI's anymore. Like they dont make cars like they did in the 50ties or no one wears a top hat anymore. Its nostalgic. What is everyones problem with that single word. It perfectly defines it. It has nothing to do with why you like it its just says "its from the past and I like it". Gosh seriously I guess the problem here is that some people have a problem with beeing called nostalgic, whatever. Well, in many cases people used it as a negative adjective. Now I know that you used it as a natural, at least that's why you say, but I assume to many people nostalgic reads like "you only like it because it is like in the old games". And all in all, the problem is not with the word nostalgic. It's about dismissin solid UIs, and prerendered backgrounds because of innovation.
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