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  1. Well, this didn't help me. I hope they release a working patch.
  2. It would be. But I fear that this is the official patch, since it is from Sega.
  3. Installed the patch, but the game does not even launch after that. Using Windows 7 64bit. The game is EU version. I don't know whose fault is this, but I'm dissapointed in Sega and Obsidian. Releasing a not working "patch" just hurts their reputation.
  4. This was hilarious. XD I'm installing the game now. I'm curious if it will work or not.
  5. Looks that way. He even got a little help from the "XD" smiley at the end of the sentence.
  6. Endgame, the evacuating helicopter is shot down. Heck's reporting in: Heck: Mike, good news, bad news. Mike: What's the bad news? Heck: That chopper was our only way out of here. Mike: Great, and what's the good news? Heck: I paid extra for the insurance company. Not 100% accurate, but priceless as it is. XD
  7. Here are some reviews from Hungary: iPon Computer - 81% (written by me ^^) Gamekapocs - 69% PC Guru magazine - 81% Gamestar magazine - 87% Playstation Community - 7/10
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