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  1. Don't take this as an insult, but are you a furry?
  2. If this happened, I would absolutely die. Also, all the Disco communities would contribute tons of bucks. EDIT: And by "all of the," I mean all six, and by "tons of," I mean $5,000 at most. lol Everyone is calling for a modern day RPG, and in my opinion there is NO BETTER MATCH for Obsidian than I!3 (Illuminatus! Trilogy). The lore, the satire, the 70's style and high camp... Wow, they could do so much with that. If copyright is an issue, base it loosely like the Illuminati Card Game.
  3. Once you set aside some of the trollish undertones (Claiming isometric is antiquated?? Witcher 1 has TOO MANY NUMBERS?!) of Wulf's tl;dr posts, he brings up a few good points. I'll summarize the worthwhile ones here: Obisdian should focus on their strengths. Their strengths are storytelling, worldbuilding, and smart humor. Obsidian should downplay their weaknesses. Their weaknesses are polished gameplay and solid programming. To elaborate a bit, I'm talking about the showstopper bugs, sloppy engines (see NwN2), weak/unbalanced combat elements (Fallout, Torment, Alpha Protocol).
  4. Great idea, let's focus on the story and setting on abnormal sexuality. Bioware has blazed the trail on this by publishing several high profile RPG/dating sims. Obsidian just needs to take it to the next level and abandon all pretense of story beyond who gets to bang who! /sarcasm Alright, that might have been a little bit harsh. Point being, sex should not be the main focus or even a heavy element in RPG's. Leave that to the dating sims.
  5. Why not? The Planescape Setting is big, creative and has mutliple stories still left in it. It's not like Torment touched on everything possible in it. Planescape is owned by WoTC, and they would have to have it licensed from them. Also, modern Planescape sucks because they got rid of the alignment grid (setting completely changed as a result) and AFAIK WoTC won't let you use old versions of their work. Bringing up the next point, it would have to use 4e if it used D&D at all. All of that aside, I just want to see a creative new game that won't be sullied by comparison to Planesc
  6. 1) A proper sequel to NwN with a focus on customization, smooth gameplay, and multiplayer. Use the Pathfinder ruleset! 2) A classic 2D isometric RPG. Not another Planescape please...nothing could ever compare to the original. Start a bold new IP!
  7. http://www.kickstart...-fine-adventure Have you guys had a look at this? What if the same thing could be done to bring back games in the style of Planescape Torment and Icewind Dale? The worst you can do is break even, and there is definitely a market out there for those types of games. Someone in another thread mentioned a a new Neverwinter Nights-type game... I'd put down at least 50$ in advance for that, with the Pathfinder ruleset. EDIT: Just please give us a smooth engine and proper support for multiplayer! I don't care about graphics.
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