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  1. Purely isometric for me (but please, a good amount of transparency when beyond obstacles!). The question is... how far the camera will be? Like Baldur's Gate or Torment? From the first screenshot it seems that they choose Baldur's Gate "distance". About cinematics... I really like "graphic novel" style for cinematics (like The Witcher 2). Of course, only few of them and only for really important, plot related events. This style is far more cheap than fully rendered 3D cinematics. And you can also avoid voice acting if you so will!
  2. Encounters you can't win? Only if: 1. you can flee eventually; 2. you have been warned; 3. there are some story driven "tricks" to overcome the encounter/situation (think about the descent into underdark in BG2, without the silver dragon spell it would be impossible to go there).
  3. We have many types of high schools, in some only latin is standard, in others both latin and greek, anyway them both are mandatory if you want to teach italian. Latin have the same structure of italian of course, so through its understanding you can master italian as well. Without studying latin, few italians truly understand our beloved language. We don't study latin and greek to speak these tongues, we do to better understand classic literature and our native language that, in fact, is an evolution of latin in structure with plenty of greek words (greek conquered/occupied the southern part of italian peninsula at some point in the history). Many english words derives from those languages as well, as you certainly know.
  4. For the sake of knowledge, of course. In our schools we love to learn dead languages (latin and greek) as well, for the same reason.
  5. @ Obsidian Entertainment Spreading the word on a single italian forum and you have italian language at first place in this poll (at the time of writing). Think about it!!!
  6. XP per encounter (my best choice however is XP only for doing quests), not per monster/enemy, so scalable encounter equals to scalable experience.
  7. This discussion is a great non-sense for me. The reality is, I suppose, that developers in the day of Baldur's Gate had the freedom to create what they wanted to do, and they DO IT. PE represent that same opportunity. They make the game for themselves, don't make it for the fans like an artist paint for himself. All that they want is creativity freedom. They now have that thanks to Kickstarter and it's all that matters to them. Fans could contribute of course but only to a certain degree. They never asked us if we wanted a 2D or 3D game (traditionalists/biowarians). So THEY are traditionalists, I suppose.
  8. The game should give bonuses for completing quests or, like in the Game of Thrones rpg (very underrated game!), minor bonuses to how we handle quests and dialogues with NPCs. In that game, handling quests in certain ways through dialogue leads to minor bonuses that help characterization (talking bravely leads to a bravery bonus, for example). Practical example: during an interrogation, if we disappoint the executioner he could spike our eye with a burning ember so the game should grant a malus to, say, perception! That could be avoided through dialogue, of course! On the contrary, if we manage to resist without giving him the informations he wanted, the game should grant a bravery bonus.
  9. I would prefer a world without too much magical items/legenday artifacts. That said, really powerful items should be acquired only through quests, defeating powerful beings (like an ancient vampire, a demilich or a dragon).
  10. A potential solution to the problem is this: you should gain influence completing quests of which they share the purpose, and you shouldn't gain influence simply through dialogs and/or specific quests.
  11. I do NOT play multiplayer games/modes (hate them) but the co-op multiplayer is perfectly suitable for party based RPGs so, it's not a problem at all providing that this don't leave nothing to the single player exprerience!
  12. The game should have some major factions (i.e. Harpers, Cult of the Dragon, Red Wizards, Zentharim to name a few Forgotten Realms factions), mostly generic (i.e. opened to all classes/races but of course not all alignments) with their own goals and joining one exclude the others. Then should be minor factions (thieves guilds, mercenary companies, etc.) preferably more than one of a given type (i.e. not only one thieves guild in the whole world like in Bethesda games) and specific to one or more classes/races/alignments to join. A great idea (the only one present in Dragon Age 2) could be that companions already joined or can join factions, so we can "work" for those indirectly (think about Aveline in DA2 that became captain of the city watch). Companions could also make a career in the given faction as they grow in power and influence, just like the main character.
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