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  1. This is good; I'm just wondering how it'll affect reactions. Will the kinsmanship with Aedyr elves and humans affect their relations with Glanfathan elves? Will there be distrust, even hatred of the Glanfathan elves? What about Boreal dwarves? I'd love to see more info about this, because it presents some interesting and great situations to behold. Plus, the more personal things are, the more I like it. I do hope culture affects a lot of reactions and not just the first few in the first few hours of the game or anything; I'd love it if it was a persistant thing, so it doesn't feel just tacked on or anything and has a real meaning to the world.
  2. Pretty much what the title says, and the polls say; what would you say would be the best system or even combination of systems you'd like in Project Eternity? Would you like it if everything the characters you fight against are lootable, entirely randomized loot, what? Personally, I enjoy a combination of them; what you see is what you get, and being able to take what would otherwise be vendor trash items -- like Golden Idols or plates -- and giving them to NPCs that will give you a slight discount in return, or even open up new items to purchase, giving the player a wide variety of options. Sadly, this is not the case in most RPGs, but you know, I'm not terribly picky about it. Still love the 'you get what the character is wearing.' the best out of the options, but this being a poll, I also wanted to know what you all think, and would enjoy in Project Eternity on a personal, as well as a 'fun' level, and whatnot.
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