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  1. Dishonored 2 seems to be getting excellent reviews, I'll be pretty bummed if they don't fix the PC performance issues.
  2. Cooked myself a steak so thick I could safely blast the surface while keeping the inside pink and bloody. Had it alongside cauliflower cheese, all was right with the world
  3. A friendly purveyor of meat who Calax took a shine to.
  4. Supermarket anime girl is 18 and I don't feel even slightly pervy. Well maybe a little bit pervy...no, exactly pervy enough.
  5. Finished up all the quests around Novac and Repconn. Was intending to keep the peace with the nightkin but I accidentally murdered them all on autopilot, I was even surprised when Davison turned hostile I also helped Chris sabotage the rocket, always been meaning to try that path and watch the zealots burn. Hope I feel the same way but after 900 hours of standard edition I doubt it...still, there's quite a lot of stuff I've only ever done once so no doubt I'll go special edition at some point.
  6. Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3bk3xPno9Y
  7. From what I'm hearing, I'm going to love this game once they release a few re-balancing patches and tone down the combat encounters. Looks like I should hang back a few months before buying.
  8. Same. Never have the incentive to join Legion despite planning on it. Maybe I'll do it this time once finishing the DLCs. Yeah, all these years and I've never done a Legion run. At least it means there's always a reason for another playthrough
  9. Finished roaming around the starting area of New Vegas, now I'm on my way to Novac and the open world proper. I'm having the same old issue of "I wanna be a piece of ****" but I always end up being a good guy.
  10. Blackreach is one of my favourite locations in Skyrim, such a wow moment first time round.
  11. Some people would pay to have something shoved down their urethra. Not me...I'm just sayin
  12. I do agree that a total lack of voice acting in a story heavy game can feel a bit 'lonely' to me. I prefer a small amount of flavour voice acting just to set up the character.
  13. This was the first thing that struck me in the previews, shame to hear that it apparently permeates the whole game.
  14. Hmm, difficult to tell how hard this is going to suck. There is potential for non-sucktitude, but all that blatant CG is painful to watch...The Fifth Element had more convincing visuals 20 years ago.
  15. Early reviews sound good enough for me, but I'm not gonna read too many as I want to go into this game with as few expectations as possible.
  16. It is emotional, it has been emotional in SA to Im surprised other members haven't noticed this? It's the refusing to discuss it part that interests me. If you dont mind me asking how did you approach the subject and also do you know what most women are upset about after this election? I can tell you what my g-friends shared with me if you not sure ? To be fair, she's not politically minded, she's upset because Hitler just got elected and pretty soon only blonde white men will be allowed to use the drinking fountains.
  17. It is emotional, it has been emotional in SA to Im surprised other members haven't noticed this? It's the refusing to discuss it part that interests me.
  18. Ex-gf got all emotional about the election and refused to even discuss it with me. I'm half way between amusement and annoyance
  19. I cringed so hard I shat out my own backbone.
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