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  1. Got Journey for the PS4. Completed it in three hours but it was an experience worth paying for. An excellent example of artistry in gaming.
  2. I know a heavy toker who has delusions that it will protect him from cancer and various other illness. This kind of self deception does annoy me, more so because he's a good mate who I care about and I have to watch his mental and physical health decline year after year. I don't doubt that cannabis has several potential benefits, but the method of ingestion and quantity involved is a huge factor. All things in moderation is a good philosophy. I smoked weed heavily for 15 years before I finally faced up to the damages. For me there was truly no better accompaniment to an all night gaming binge than a tub of stinky buds. These days I occasionally use a vaporiser and my tolerance is so low that I can get blasted on what I would have considered a laughable dose, yet I'm still wary of the risks. As for the OP. Several good points are raised, but life is full of risks. There are countless (perfectly legal) methods of destroying your sanity and health. Considering the extreme penalties for possession in some areas, full decriminalisation is the only sensible and compassionate way to go.
  3. Jeez, B5 really was a ticket to an early death.
  4. Coming to the end of the best FNV session I've had in years. I returned from Big MT as a cybernetically enhanced abomination wielding weapons of ultimate destruction. Caesar has already felt my wrath. I scattered his ashes to the four winds. And as the eastern sun finally set in the west, I slaughtered his tribe.
  5. Finally got around to completing Bioshock HD. It's been cool to see why I loved this game back in 2008 but holy frick the last two hours are just hell. Babysitting that little sister was a ridiculous grind and I somehow ended up with absolutely no heath kits for the Fontaine battle at the end As glorious as it once was, I can safely say that I'll never play this game again.
  6. Having a pretty good time trawling through Old World Blues. Not done this DLC since release so I'd forgotten what a ball buster it is. But I finally got my hands on a few decent weapons and I'm starting to bring suffering to the lobotomites.
  7. After years of New Vegas I never realised I could let a suicide bomber into the Silver Rush. That solved Cass's troubles quite neatly, and no reputation loss
  8. That's a shame... considering that the HD jump affected Grim Fandango in just the opposite way. Maybe it's the difference of art styles though. It's not a huge deal but certain backdrops have definitely lost their moodiness. Small animated details are missing and some dark skies have been changed to bright blue. Everything else looks and sounds great though.
  9. Finished Full Throttle Remastered. Lovely to hear the game with high quality music and voices but I think the visuals lost some of their subtle character in the translation to HD. I was quite surprised by the realisation that the game itself isn't that great. Great mood, characters and story but crappy puzzles and 'action' sections.
  10. Completed it a couple of days ago. I thought it was a generally good game that veered close to moments of brilliance but never quite got there. My biggest complaint is the combat. I groaned every single time I saw the words 'Crisis Initiated', and quickly set about trying to find the shortest way out of it. Combat in PS:T wasn't amazing but at least I felt a sense of progression and had some epic spells to make things interesting. I'll wait for the inevitable rebalancing patches before I consider a replay...but I do at least want to replay it, which is more than I can say for most games.
  11. Terrifying actually. And there's still quite a few things left for me to do in it...
  12. Got one of these SNES pads not so long ago. 90's nostalgia to the Maxxxxxxx.
  13. I've been hanging on for a sale to grab Tyranny so I'd certainly appreciate a code
  14. Yeah, wish I'd have figured that out before slogging through every single droid...
  15. Just sank a few hours into it. Can't really comment on the combat as I've talked my way out of it so far. Writing is great, very evocative of Torment with lots of humour and grisly descriptiveness. The world is interesting and apparently packed with characters to talk to. I'm not entirely convinced that I'll feel that emotional connection I felt with PS:T but it's too early to be sure. The interface isn't great. It's a bit clunky and obtrusive, but after a while I got used to it. Hopefully they can patch in a few refinements. *edit* Oh, I should mention that the PoE engine (on PC at least) seems to be much improved from a performance perspective. No more lag when only a handful of NPCs are onscreen. In fact I've seen tons of NPCs along with animated background details and the engine doesn't drop a frame.
  16. I love how it took me a couple of seconds to get that
  17. Don't think so I'm afraid. Still, it's a much needed boost to my confidence
  18. Still recovering from New Years Eve Many demons were slain that night. My high point was dancing with a stunning woman who said I'm lovely and kissed me...BUT, she was married
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