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Found 1 result

  1. You might have noticed that lately some parties have been heavily pushing for marijuana legalization. That includes various news networks, even the so-called "independent" ones, film and television actors, music videos, sports, video games and so on. Even the recent Mass Effect: Andromeda includes a "medicinal" marijuana mission: EDIT: Here are a few examples from a popular franchise called Star Trek that was referenced in the Fallout series to further illustrate the agenda: Star Trek's William Shatner Talks About Marijuana "Oh, I love marijuana," . . . "Marijuana is a great thing," Shatner said, noting he hadn't smoked it for years but thought it was a "great herb." So would he try it again if he were visiting a legal state? "If I had a couple days and it was legal...why not?" He could even pick up the Star Trek inspired strain Romulan. 'Star Trek' actor George Takei praises Trudeau for pot admission The 76-year-old actor said laws need to change to fit the times. Patrick Stewart reveals daily medicinal marijuana use to treat arthritis Stewart revealed how he has used medical marijuana on a daily basis for two years to help with severe arthritis. Whoopi Goldberg Wants to Ease Women's Pain With Pot Women have long used over-the-counter pills to treat cramps, but the 'View' co-host has an herbal remedy: medical marijuana --- Read the article titled "Medical Marijuana is a Big Lie": [L]et’s get one thing straight. Medical marijuana is a big lie. Even the name implies something that is not true. Hillary Clinton has praised medical marijuana, suggested rescheduling the drug; and the Democratic Party platform calls for the eventual legalization of pot. Even Donald Trump has suggested medical marijuana might be all right, although he favors keeping pot illegal. [. . .] States are voting to either permit medical marijuana to be sold or to take the more extreme step of “legalizing” the recreational use of marijuana. Unfortunately, everyone is being duped. The legalization of marijuana for medical dispensation or general recreational use is a public health catastrophe happening in slow motion across our country. While marijuana use and possession remains illegal under federal law regardless of changes in state law, the Obama administration’s decision not to enforce federal law in those states that vote to legalize the drug under state law has effectively gutted the federal prohibition against marijuana use and possession in many parts of the country. The concept of medical marijuana has allowed those who favor marijuana’s ultimate legalization to cloak the drug in a mantle of legitimacy. This is a trick that was tried by tobacco companies two generations ago. The myth of medical marijuana — that it somehow benefits people who smoke it — actually hides the truth that it is a dangerous, highly addictive drug with no known medical benefits that can seriously damage a smoker’s physical and mental health. There are several things the pot lobby won’t tell you, but a read of the medical science is clear. Marijuana is harmful to people in so many different ways it is truly astounding. Like cigarettes, smoked marijuana contains numerous known carcinogens. While lung cancer rates among marijuana smokers are hard to track, cancer and carcinogens go hand-in-hand. Marijuana has been shown to increase substantially the rate of mental illness in regular users. The incidences of psychotic episodes or schizophrenia is about six times greater among regular marijuana users. Suicide is another side effect of marijuana use. One recent study, published in the Lancet Psychiatry journal in 2014, showed a seven-fold increase in the likelihood of suicide among regular teenage marijuana users as compared to the general population. Further, it is well established in the medical literature that marijuana use is associated with higher rates of suicide in the general population. But even setting aside these dramatic existential threats to people's physical and mental health, marijuana has been shown to make people stupider, permanently. The average drop in IQ suffered by regular marijuana users is something like eight points. This is roughly equivalent to the IQ drop caused by being exposed to lead paint chips as a child. And lead paint has been outlawed! Beyond IQ, simple memory is damaged by regularly smoking pot. The most recent studies show permanent memory loss is the end result of regular pot use. More generally, have you ever met anyone who is truly better off from using marijuana regularly? Pothead is a word in our modern lexicon for a reason. The lack of motivation engendered by regularly ingesting THC is also well documented and clearly apparent to any person who has seen a close friend or relative go down this path. The advocates for medical marijuana would prefer to ignore all of these adverse health effects. They would prefer to focus our attention instead on the oil derived from cannabinoids in the pot plant that may treat certain rare forms of epilepsy or the anecdotal evidence of the calming effect of pot smoking on elderly people with cancer. [. . .] Then why have 23 legislatures passed some form of medical marijuana law? The short answer in many cases is because they have been duped. A more sinister and equally likely explanation is that they have been bribed. The legislators see the money pushing for the ultimate legalization of marijuana and they decide to get behind it to help their cronies rather than fight the good fight for the public health. Schizophrenic pot smokers are not very able to defend themselves and explain their story. Instead, people like former congressmen push their buddies in the state legislature to legalize medical marijuana so a company they are affiliated with can be awarded one of the few licenses to dispense pot legally. Of course, the game is not really about medical marijuana. People following the issue have known for years that the "medical" part of the equation was always a big lie — meant to act as a stepping stone to full legalization and commercialization of pot for any use. The acceptability of marijuana, brought on first by appealing to our common compassion, is a public health disaster. And it's being pushed by a small group of people who want to get rich — very rich — off pot use by others. Meet the new big tobacco, ladies and gentlemen. Greed is driving the new industry. Big Pot is looking to replace Big Tobacco as the new, new thing for young people. And just as Big Tobacco tried to wrap itself in the aura of the medical industry by hiring doctors to endorse its products, Big Pot is selling its bogus story of the safety and "benefits" of pot by pushing for medical marijuana. Don't be fooled again. Jonathan Talcott is a Washington, D.C.-based attorney and the chairman of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to educating people about the dangers of using marijuana. The same agenda is being heavily pushed worldwide. [be careful if there are new "scientific discoveries" about marijuana's "benefits" or "safety". The medical field could potentially be infiltrated by frauds, considering how much money could be made in this "business".] Notice how the so-called "Weed Day" is on April 20th—the same date as Hitler's birthday. Consider that people are being massively lied to. EDIT: It looks like they are pushing hallucinogens in general. Fallout Wiki: Arroyo Elder Two years later, she took her mystic test, a key ingredient of which is several pots worth of hallucinogenic plants from Hakunin's garden.​ Notice the bong to the side of the Arroyo elder, the leader of Arroyo, the daughter of the Vault Dweller and the mother of the Chosen One from Fallout 2: At some point, Hakunin, the Arroyo shaman, gives you the "powders of healing" that "hog the mind as they cleanse the body." That would make Caesar's Legion's use of the healing powder in Fallout: New Vegas especially puzzling, considering their dislike of narcotics. Even the New Vegas version of stimpaks uses the same ingredients, plus a syringe. California Proposal Seeks to Legalize Magic Mushrooms According to The Sacramento Bee, Saunders views the legalization of psilocybin, the hallucinogenic compound that puts the magic in magic mushrooms, as "a natural step after voters’ legalization of pot."​ The Fallout franchise might be just one among others pushing the agenda.
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