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  1. I enjoyed The Pitt, the moral dilemma is quite well done, if only it was as big as Point Lookout
  2. Yeah Mothership Zeta was fun, the logs were amusing and the weapons helped me survive Point Lookout a few levels before I probably should have gone there, what with the rednecks having more hitpoints than a supermutant... The plot was just complete and utter bull**** though, being led around a UFO by a little girl with a cowboy, samurai and marine in tow, It was just a mindless grind by the end.
  3. Downloading this right now.
  4. I completed Planescape: Torment a couple of days ago so I've been diving into all the forums I resisted while I was playing, I left myself a good amount of content for an eventual replay but that will be in a year or two, I want it to fade from my memory a bit so I don't take it for granted. My problem is I don't know what to play next, PST was my first Infinity Engine game and I intend to play all the others but Dragon Age is out next month...if it actually turns out good I'll be lost in that for months and I can only handle one epic at a time I also completed the latest Tales of Monkey Island episode (Lair of the Leviathan) and was pleasantly surprised at the general quality (for a 190MB download), Murray is used well and I actually laughed out loud at a few of the jokes, it's probably the best episode so far. On a related note I did my first playthrough of Full Throttle in over ten years, bloody short but still utterly brilliant I suppose I've got a savegame near the end of Sanitarium that really needs to completed, to be honest the plot is hugely disjointed and vague but the atmosphere and twisted puzzles have kept me interested, it has a similar vibe to PST actually.
  5. If you like being able to smell colours and see sound
  6. Yeah I was pretty let down by Bioshock in that regard, they hyped it up like an in depth RPG and it came out like a brain damaged System Shock 2 Still the plot was well done if you didn't question one or two of the more unlikely events.
  7. Sorry but cyberpunk > post-apocalypse. They're pretty even in my book, though I suppose I meant the open spaces of a Bethesda game with a well constructed plot like Deus-ex...but then I've got my hopes pinned on New Vegas for that
  8. Now Deus Ex was a plotline to enjoy, that kind of intrigue in a FOblivion 3 type setting would be my perfect game.
  9. The problem with followers in Fallout 3 is that they have nothing to say and no one has anything to say to them, they're just glorified pack brahmin...with guns. I did think some of the combat shouts were decent though, and the small amount of dialogue you get with followers before they join you is ok but it never, ever verges on Fallout 2's interparty bantering.
  10. Dear god Bethesda games are unstable, it's why their tech support are like the CIA, even if you get an answer it's never a straight one.
  11. Planescape: Torment (my first time, envy me), X-Wing Alliance, Tales of Monkey Island and a never ending session of Oblivion.
  12. Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul almost completely solves that, I agree though, the vanilla scaling is damn stupid.
  13. Though saying that, Shivering Isles I still find great, Knights of the Nine wasn't bad either, and Point Lookout for Fallout 3 has decent writing.
  14. Thanks, I've lurked since I heard about New Vegas so a thread about Fallout 3 seemed to be a good excuse to start talking I still think Oblivion with mods is a good game but yep, it's another cliched sack of idiots in the plot department.
  15. I have to admit to Oblivion being my first "RPG" experience...and I really enjoyed it, unbelievably I let Fallout, Baldur's Gate and PST all pass me by when they were released, I was busy playing Half Life and Quake 2 in college, System Shock 2 came along and I started to realise that there might be more to less linear games but I watched Morrowind pass me by too, mostly because my PC had no chance of running it at the time. So basically up until the last few years I've been an RPG virgin, Fallout 3 was my second RPG and again, I really enjoyed it but the sheen wore off quicker, I went and played Fallout 1&2 afterwards and got a taste of really high quality writing...talking to some of the lobotomised cliches who bibble their way around the capitol wasteland was never quite the same afterwards. Now saying that I went back and completed Fallout 3 another two times, there's still enough stuff I haven't seen to make one more run worthwhile, and I'll do it because I really enjoy the exploration aspect, plumbing the depths of a bombed out building to find skeletal remains in amusing positions or computers with depressing diaries for whatever reason does it for me. So anyway, I do have to thank Bethesda for introducing me to the RPG, their writing sucks but Fallout 3 can still kick ass at times, also, mods are essential
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