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  1. I'll just chime in that this happens to me since updating to 1.1. Crash on exit to the desktop from in game, after saving, not gameplay/save related). It doesn't create a crash log in the Steam folder, but does the usual Application Error in the Event Viewer: Faulting application name: PillarsOfEternityII.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x59aed1bf Faulting module name: unknown, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x0000000000000000 Faulting process ID: 0x4114 Faulting application start time: 0x01d40019e75fec26 Faulting application path: C:\
  2. Confirmed bug for me, too. I used the buy junk item workaround to enable the trade to go ahead.
  3. Liking the save/load optimization. Starting the game no longer has the looooong waits for the saves to get ready.
  4. Yep, came looking to see if there was a setting for the camera somewhere that I missed. All the manual scrolling is very frustrating so I'll have to figure out how to manage it with minimal impact. Strange that this wasn't pointed out in beta (I wanted to avoid spoiling myself on the experience, so didn't take part in the beta).
  5. It does include 8000 names of backers, though. Don't know how many pages that would take up, but it's probably a mini-chunk.
  6. I'll be Steaming. I love GoG but I've found that keeping track of updates can be extremely difficult at times, especially for games that I started, stepped away for a bit, then came back to later. I feel that PoE is a game that's going to get frequent updates, like WL2 and D:OS, and I'd much rather it just auto-patch itself.
  7. You know, I can't really say right now what I'll choose. These days, it depends as much on what I've been playing recently in other games as it does on anything else, since I like to mix it up. Back in the IE-game days, it was easy, and I'd always start off with a fighter/rogue (either or dual) but I've since left that behind. With the different sorts of classes and races available in PoE, I think I'll wait until they've been set in stone before putting too much thought into character builds.
  8. Definitely companions created by Obsidian. If they have the type of depth, dialogue, and story that I expect, leaving them out will be like skipping a big chunk of the experience. And the combinations of companions combined with different choices throughout the game may make that experience very different each time playing. If I think I've seen all I can during some future replay, then maybe I'll consider creating my own companions.
  9. While I appreciate that Obsidian wants to create this amazing game with everything the fans would want, I feel that there's enough already included that everything else can wait until an expansion comes along. Having said that, new stretch goals wouldn't bother me terribly.
  10. Is the way that Osmaer's dialogue is split up into four pieces indicative of the way multi-line dialogue will be designed throughout the game? My initial reaction is that it's unnecessary to have "Osmaer - " placed before each line as in this example as opposed to having a block with "Osmaer" at the top and the body indented. When there's no alternate character (NPC or PC) speaking between Osmaer's statements nor extra descriptive lines it may be cleaner to remove the extra identifiers. Would that work?
  11. This is essentially my opinion on this, although I don't have any trouble with the design choice the devs have made. I believe more options for the player improve the experience if they don't take too many resources away from more important aspects of the game.
  12. I don't care for "resting" at all, but the BG series method was a preferred one for me. Resting (doing nothing) seems to be a pointless exercise which is why it is usually linked to some gameplay mechanic (memorizing spells, recovering from fatigue, etc). And there might be better ways to manage those.
  13. It was definitely a mix of auto-pause and manual pausing. I generally had many of the auto-pause features on and paused the battles frequently to manage most every action of the party. Since I lacked multiple brains at the time, I could not realistically control the actions of multiple characters in realtime without having to let some manage themselves every once in a while. The AI was not up to the challenge of self-control.
  14. I wouldn't mind there being a walking set of animations, but I wonder if most people won't just default to running everywhere anyway, making it rather pointless to put the effort into it. I know I'd tend to default to running and then walk in situations where I'm following a slow-moving character or moving a short distance. I couldn't vote, because there's no option for voting for both.
  15. Ditto on this. Respawning is usually done in a very poor way, simply putting the same/similar opponents right back in the same place as before. However, I agree with what Fimbul said above: the respawning in an area because another group has taken advantage of the new emptiness makes sense to the gameworld and is something I can support. Only in that manner, however; respawning in general is just wrong in this style of game.
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