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  1. Dark Souls 3 is the best in regards to character building and creativity but some hardcore fans of the series were put off by the less nuanced approach it takes towards completion. I beat 'em all but have the most hours invested in 3 so that should be telling.
  2. Didn't Richard Spencer praise Israel as a good example of an ethno state and that keeping the Jews contained in Israel was a good thing? Funny because what do Zionists and Fascists have in common? The absolutely HATE Marxists/Leftists of any stripe. Remember the Nazi's didn't target the Jews first, they went after the Socialists and the trade unionists, so it makes sense for Zionists and Neo Nazis to form a strange bedfellow these days xD.
  3. I feel bad for Zelensky. The Ukrainian people voted in anti-war pro-peace Jew who wasn't towing the "Putin/Russia EVAL" line common amongst western elites yet the Ukraine has its own "Deep State" mostly consisting of Neo Nazi filth.
  4. Most Democrats are extremely pro-capitalist and big tech-o-philes so enslaving people with their corporate filth may not be too far off the mark. But then again the far right thinks that Democrats and Communists/Socialists/Greens are the same thing so people like that are a generally a waste of time and oxygen and certainly need to be 1865'd and 1945'd all over again.
  5. Personally am waiting for the new Radeon cards (Codenamed 'Navi'), will probably buy the best mid grade option once they launch, as I am staunchly a 1080p pc user. Not sure of the pricing yet, but I'm sure I will be able to play Cyberpunk 2077 high-max as I can currently play Witcher 3 on high max with my rx580.
  6. I can't see this materializing into anything significant and worthwhile. If I'm wrong, cool! Who doesn't want to be pleasantly surprised?
  7. And a great one at that, unlike most of what Bethesda pumps out. I mean sure Fallout 4 and even Skyrim had their moments but -all in all- they absolutely lack the ability to create a satisfying RPG experience.
  8. We could have hacked and lockpicked our way to eternal glory but Obsidian made an About Face.
  9. TOW and CV. Both easily GOTY material, along with maybe RE2 remake.
  10. Gets me every time. Anyway glad you enjoyed it! Whilst the roleplaying elements are top notch some of the quests clearly have a "right" option (side with A or B or make peace and create the perfect AB).
  11. If only it took place in the time period the book was written, still probably worth a watch.
  12. Just bought Code Vein. Beats any turn based isometric game this century,
  13. It's actually simple to receive quests that lead to other quests in this game, almost laughably so. I mean, as soon as I landed on Monarch for the first time there was a man standing right there yelling at me for something silly and that inadvertently led to several more quest givers. It's literally one step above a mainstream MMORPG.
  14. I think the thing with BGs is that quest density at the beginning of the game(s) make them seem longer than they actually are, but once you break from that initial swamp they become more linear and straightforward. Sort of like the Gothic games but party based and isometric.
  15. I convinced a co-worker/ friend to buy The Outer Worlds and he is absolutely obsessed and has a much bigger grasp on the world and plot that I do! I kinda feel stupid now, I mean, I've been looking forward to this for years and he was a little skeptical right up until his purchase and now he's schooling me on every aspect of the game that I overlooked. Life is strange...
  16. Try a hard Sneak/Long Guns build. Sneak skill increases damage plus you get plenty of time to place your shot and fall back if need be. Always a beauty.
  17. This is exactly it. The vast majority of gamers simply do not care about the online/offline argument. Every hardcore Diablo fan I know, even those in their 30's and have been a fan since day 1, also have tons of fun playing online co-op shooters. It seems only on private internet forums, with a cast of a few dozen characters, will you see such vehement opposition xD.
  18. Yes, to me, all this "gay" stuff just adds funny flavor to the game, and don't feel the least bit threatened by homosexuals. Entertainment isn't meant to be threatening, but if you find it so, perhaps find your jollies elsewhere?
  19. No refunds, only Gulag for disbelievers. On a less serious note, why are some "people" so riled up about Pavartis questline? I mean sure her teenage angst over a lover was a bit silly for someone who pulverizes people with a massive hammer as a special attack but it was tedium at worst!
  20. Yes I'm sure he'll make a fine addition to Bethesda or Bioware because deep deep down inside, Avellone fans like these games.
  21. Truly a diamond in rough, but I expected no less with Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky at he helm, and completely hammering their talents into the modern age. Don't let your guard down though! The industry as a whole still has adversarial imperialistic elements trying to squeeze quality gaming. Keep up the fight! :salute:
  22. No wait I take this back. It's the Western Way to try to incorporate some awkward form of idealism in liberal unfettered global, planetary destructive capitalism but they can't seem to figure it out. xD
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