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  1. Kotor 3: the revenge of the flying jedi dragons, brought to you by the number 4?
  2. Saw Obsid was teason something, figured I should be back... Hi guys!
  3. Thanks! A quick check tells me you were here long before me, but yeah, I know what you mean- I was a freshman in highschool when i joined here... Now I feel old... :lol:
  4. Yeah, sorry about your dog GD... Missed that one last night Thanks... Yup yup, somewhat unfortunately for my sleep schedule...
  5. This is the best thread I've ever seen here. You collectively win the internet.
  6. I came back. Finally. EDIT: And apparently Archie's the only one who left...
  7. So aussieland finally did something good for the world... 'Bout damn time... Seriously though, mad props to the research team... And Krez, the thing with QFT is that it really only deals with special relativity, so it doesn't work with curvature and such... String theory does, but for the tme being it doesn't make a single goddamn experimental prediction, so it's not really a fully valid theory....
  8. Definitely. The thing is, though, that its sure as hell NOT QM, so since GR requires determinism, I think those interpretations that fit in to that framework ought to be given special consideration.
  9. Thread is tl;dr so I'll just say this: Spacetime isn't something that is believed in or not; that's the premise of religion, not science. Spacetime is real, but not necessarily in the sense that the table I'm writing this on is: it can't be seen, or felt. It merely is. We can measure it, and its effects- if that's an illusion, then your monk's right, but as far as I'm concerned he's wrong. As for the probabilistic/deterministic debate, we simply don't know enough about wavefunction-collapse yet to say anything definite. I personally think the notion of a probabilistic universe is a lit
  10. Your new sig is the greatest thing ivee ever seen

  11. I just got an iPad (typing this on it, so forgive typos)... The keyboard is meh, but eminently usable... The purpose if these tablets for the time being media consumption rather than creation- the screen is more for watching than typing , hence the inherent difficulty in typing on it... I loves it though... Also, it's shiny
  12. Do you have tiger blood? I would if I was a millionare... I'd be banging 7 gram rocks, because that'd be how I'd roll. WINNING! The Vatican Assassin Warlock does not approve of your misquote.
  13. Would you rather get less money?
  14. Replaying ME2 before next week's DLC, then its off to DA2.
  15. MCM. Brown is also way awesomer than Penn.
  16. Android; root it and rom it. In terms of unlocking, for example, here's an easy method to dump an Evo (Sprint's showcase phone, which I can't imagine living without) onto Metro. From a software standpoint, its entirely possible, but you're mileage may vary based on what carrier you use. Additionally, many GSM phones can be moded to work on any carrier with appropriate bands, although performance is occasionally suboptimal. Its also possible to buy some phones (usually GSM) factory-unlocked, which basically means you grab a SIM and go.
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