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  1. i understand that, but people will still buy this game. its stupid. i dont care if i have to wait untill the new xbox console comes out, there has to be a continuation to this franchise, hell i would be happy with a remake.
  2. i hope obsidian is reading this, but is about to be 8 years since kotor2 and we still have not seen a sequel to this game. why dont you guys stop making bad games no one cares about and get started with a real game. kotor3, its ridiculous. so many petitions for this game and yet no one is developing it. I dont want to play a spin off of this game (TOR) that isnt even available on the xbox i want to know what happens to the exile and revan. get the game started already. lucasarts has released two star wars games since the 360 came out. and they suck. why on earth is this the onl
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