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  1. It's the same in german. I suspect it will be made up later and is just a test in the test. How is the translation otherwise? The translation comes surprisingly quickly. I am once again impressed by the developers, even if I would have liked to see some of them translated differently.
  2. @Kazin I'm not sure, but it could be parts of the password. When you have everyone together, you can go to the computer in the laboratory and discover the secret
  3. I noticed that too - I thought it was a new feature that the water droplets appear randomly - then it probably isn't.
  4. thoughts on translation (german) Gedanken zur Übersetzung (deutsch) Translations (often just my opinion): Übersetzungen (oft nur meine Meinung): "Fett beenden" is in the pause menu. Would it be more clearly translated as "Rasch beenden" or „Schnell beenden“? "Brauchst Du mehr Platz" would be more clearly translated as "Möchtest Du mehr schreiben"? Burgle does not have a German translation. Only references are displayed - ex. "de 33 - burglequests". (Isn't Burgel otherwise spelled "BURG.L"? I think BURG.L fits) Curly brackets with program codes after the daily tasks - ex. "({Progress}/{MaxProgress})" "Trockener Grasbrocken" does "Getrocknete Grasfaser" sound better? „Stinkkäferteile“, or "Stinkwanzenteile" instead of "Baumwanzenbrocken"? „Bombardierkäferteile“ instead of "Bombardierkäferbrocken"? "Soldatenameisen" instead of "Kriegerameisen"? "benutze Werkbank" instead of "Use Workbench"? "de 982 - gui" with closed doors "Harz", or "Baumharz" instead of "Saft"? "Lehm" instead of "Ton"? "Grasmilbe" instead of "Samtmilbe"? "Baumharzsammler", or "Harzsammler" instead of "Saftfänger"? "Trockengestell" instead of "Dörrgestell", because grass can also be dried here? "Grober Strick" instead of "Geflochtene Faser"? "Gaspfeil" instead of "Stinkerpfeil"? "Stachelkeule", or „Stachelstab“, would be funny „Stock mit Stacheln“ instead of "Stachelsprössling"? "Hammer" instead of "Aufbrechwerkzeug" („Aufbrechwerkzeug“ was shown to me at the Jally Cola can when I tried to chop up a cookie with the insect ax like before) "Ausgestopfte Blattlaus" instead of "Ausgestopfte Laus"? "Ausgestopfte Grasmilbe" instead of "Ausgestopfte Milbe"? "Ausgestopfte Fruchtfliege" instead of "Ausgestopfte Fliege"* "Smoothie Station" instead of "Smoothieküche"? "Wiedereinstiegspunkt" instead of "Respawnpunkt"? "Halmlager", or „Stengellager“ instead of "Balkenlager"? "Trampolin" instead of "Sprungnetz"? "Seidenspinne" (Orb Weaver family) instead of „Radnetzspinne“ (parent family) „Trophäen“ instead of „Wanddeko“? „Waffenhalter“ instead of „Wanddeko“? „Rüstungsständer“ instead of „Rüstungspuppe“? „Bilderrahmen“ instead of „de 198 – buildings“? „Spinnenchelizeren“, or „Kieferklauen“ instead of „Spinnenfang“? „Blattlaushonigtau“ instead of „Läusehonigtau“? „Stücke“, oder „Teile“ instead of „Brocken“ (All pieces / parts are called „Brocken“) „Blattlausbraten“ instead of „Läusebraten“? „Blattlaustrockenfleisch“ instead of „Blattlausdörrfleisch“? „Fruchtfliegen“ instead of „Fliegen“? At the resource analyzer "Identifiziert" instead of "Entziffert"? "Rohwissenschaft" instead of "Pure Wissenschaft" "Leertaste" instead of "Space"in the save menu, etc. * These "Fliegen" (Gnats) remind me a lot of these annoying little fruit flies in appearance and behavior, eheheh. UI "Konsumieren" instead of "Verwenden"? "Stapel verschrotten" in the context menu is too long and protrudes from the context menu box "Blattlausfleisch" instead of "Lausfleisch"? to save When saving, "DE 987 - GUI" is also displayed EDIT (2020-09-26): Chip activation at BURG.L "Seilrutschenankerpunkt Ein Pfosten an dem Anfang oder Ende einer Seilrutsche festgeknotet werden kann." Better would be "Seilrutsche: Ein Pfosten, an dessen Anfang oder Ende eine Seilrutsche festgeknotet werden kann." In Jally Cola cans, the drops are called "lemonade" instead of "cola".
  5. [the original text in German can be found below] Maybe these little things only occur in the German translation. Description of the clip on YouTube: Grounded | REL Public Test 2020-09-24 | Hover effekt / german (not Listed) 1. Options -> Game - Automatic saved saves -> with "Intervall für automatische Speicherstände" ("Automatisch" is written in lower case?) The hover effect can only be seen halfway. 2. Operating help -> If I select a "Modus für Farbenblinde" (eg after selecting "Blausehschwäche"), the hover effect automatically brings me to "Vorlesen"; "Rotschwäche" = "Großer Text"; "Grünschwäche" = „Objekte Hervorheben“. 3. If you hover over "X" and "Z" with the mouse, these are not properly bordered (only briefly at the beginning, then the border is gone) - with "W" and "Esc" it works correctly. It is also under Options à Display, Keyboard, Controller, Audio, User Help. Advertisement -> V-Sync: Above is written "Screen Tearing" in the last paragraph only "Tearing" [Translated with Google translator] Vielleicht treten diese Kleinigkeiten nur bei der deutschen Übersetzung auf. Beschreibung zum Clip auf YouTube: 1. Optionen --> Spiel - Automatische Speicherstände --> bei "Intervall für automatische Speicherstände" („Automatisch“ wird klein geschrieben?) ist der Hover-Effekt nur zur Hälfte zu sehen. 2. Bedienhilfe --> Wähle ich einen "Modus für Farbenblinde" aus (Bsp. nach der Auswahl „Blausehschwäche“), lande ich durch den Hover-Effect automatisch auf "Vorlesen"; "Rotschwäche" = "Großer Text"; "Grünschwäche" = Objekte hervorheben. 3. Schwebt man mit der Maus über "X" und "Z" werden diese nicht richtig umrandet (nur kurz am Anfang, dann ist der Rand weg) - bei "W" und "Esc" funktioniert es richtig. Ebenso ist es unter Optionen à Anzeige, Tastatur, Controller, Audio, Bedienhilfe. Anzeige --> V-Sync: Oben wird von "Screen Tearing" geschrieben im letzten Absatz steht nur noch "Tearing"
  6. The eating noise is also a bit strange to me. I didn't know the thing with the spinning wheel and the crude rope and also that the torch goes out in the water is good to know. I think it's great that you can cancel a shot with the bow with the right mouse button.
  7. I have found it, too. You need to find all of the "password"-papers and you can open a secret Not just numbers
  8. A stink beetle has sunk in the cave under the stone with the rake in a wall: YouTube clip (not listed) A stink beetle in front of the flower bed to the heart petal lilies is stuck in the stone of the wall: YouTube clip (not listed) raging ladybug in distress: YouTube clip (not listed)
  9. Infected weevils do not explode and cannot be collected (they boil nicely) YouTube (Infected weevils do not explode - not listed on YouTube)
  10. The spinning wheel icon is displayed while building.
  11. Hello, Thank you very much for the great DLC “Peril on Gorgon”. After a few teething problems with the Epic Store, I have a lot of fun with “The Outer Worlds” again. I noticed that when I go to the Unreliable at the Sprat Shack, my armor disappears. I tidied up my inventory and sorted the things in refrigerators, lockers and the container in the captain's cabin, went to the workbench and the title crashed without an error message (crash to desktop). After restarting “The Outer Worlds”, 2 manual save points were always created and the armor was gone. When I quit the game, the Epic store gives me the following error message: "Files too big The saved data is too large to upload. Error code: CS-03 Search our knowledge base to find out more ”. If I restart the title and click on "continue", an old save is loaded onto Gorgon before I cleared up my inventory (manual and quick save points that I have created since then are still available, but twice) - the armor is still at the suggested save point there. Is that a mistake or have I already broken the universe? Thank you for your support and the wonderful, fun games from your house [translated with the google translator]
  12. I'm not sure where to write my grounded idea sketches. Do I get an answer as to whether it is right here? Thank you so much for the great game and all the imagination you leave us! The File "Ideenskizzen_Grounded.docx" (35 kb) is in german, should I translate it with google translator, or would you do it yourself? I would appreciate a short message about the receipt of the file. Ideenskizzen_Grounded.docx
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