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  1. "If it were so, it was a grievous fault And grievously hath Boeroer answer'd it." Unnerved ... lol. Bad mistake. Thanks for editing, Boeroer.
  2. Thanks Phenomenum. @Boeroer: Brings items pre-patch 1.1. Some items are quite good (Swift Hunter's Garb for Xoti), and I find it annoying that one always has to use the usual-suspect-equipment.
  3. I have to ask this one more time: Is AndreaColombo's Deadfire Unnerfed Mod compatible with Community Patch?
  4. Tested it for several hours and never get 2 tier 2 inspirations. Seems to be one tier 3 or 3 tier one.
  5. Great! So it remains Wit of Death's Herald until the end. Interesting. Thanks & kudos, Waski.
  6. Deadfire D-Day! One question: Is AndreaColombo's Deadfire Unnerved-Mod compatible? I love this mod.
  7. Hmmm. So it seems there is no guiding thread to gain a tier 3 inspiration ... maybe I will start a testrun.
  8. Is it possible to gain the brilliant inspiration? fextralife wiki says it is, via Wit of Death's Herald ...
  9. Paladin subclasses: great, Boeroer. Makes me want to play a Kind Wayfarer instead of good old Goldpact Knight.
  10. @Rafeil: My words. For BG.EE we had Haeravon's great gamefaqs (and a lot of other insightful guides). For PoE there are Boeroer, Kaylon, MaxQuest, Thelee (to bring up just a handful of picked men) who are able to reply -- at least together -- nearly every single question regarding the games.
  11. And they are, indeed! Giving that background the banter between Paladina Pallegina & Xoti is just ... great. Real life dialogue!
  12. Goethes Prometheus. Yeah. Bedecke deinen Himmel, Zeus, mit Wolkendunst ... In this Ode Prometheus acts - better: reacts - a tiny bit like Pallegina. In a world of existing gods he is an agnostic .
  13. Via Unity Console, I think, but since it's not patched, I never used it. The companion stats case is especially worse in this build, as you need really high MIG & INT to get this to work. Might - no problem; Intelligence - not so easy afaik. For other builds I find they are ok - not powergamey, but ok. The cool thing with Pallegina as Red-Cross-Tank is: your off-tanks have a lot more time to do whatever they like to do, CC, DD, AoE, CCR, AC/DC...
  14. Hi Aerinqq, in my current playthrough (PotD, not upscaled) I variated this build: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98968-class-build-the-healing-wall/page-2 (TheMetaphysician, post 35) 1. Problem: Palleginas stats. MaxQuests Marvellous Mod "Spoils of Caed Nua" makes Pensiavi mes Réi (amongst other goodies) available: +3 MIG on one ring. 2. Problem: Engagement slots. Last Word (warhammer; + 1 engagement) in a second weapon slot together with Shining Bulwark); Reckless Brigandine before you get your hands on the Blackened Plate; a mod that gives the Cloak of Berath +1 engagement, +1INT, +1PER. Last Word & Shining Bulwark are available early in the game; Reckless Brigandine - not so. Great tank build with constant party healing - maybe you should give it a try.
  15. Thanks Verde. Tried Eder as tank; he's indeed awesome; but in my current run (PotD without level scaling) Pallegina is main tank, Eder Swashy & PC Arcane Knight are offtanks & DDs. Eder Rogue: Maybe in another playthrough (after the next patch -- the one that will fix all the new bugs ).
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