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  1. Great news, @Boeroer. Contrary to real life: never go without a priest(ess).
  2. "If it were so, it was a grievous fault And grievously hath Boeroer answer'd it." Unnerved ... lol. Bad mistake. Thanks for editing, Boeroer.
  3. Thanks Phenomenum. @Boeroer: Brings items pre-patch 1.1. Some items are quite good (Swift Hunter's Garb for Xoti), and I find it annoying that one always has to use the usual-suspect-equipment.
  4. I have to ask this one more time: Is AndreaColombo's Deadfire Unnerfed Mod compatible with Community Patch?
  5. Tested it for several hours and never get 2 tier 2 inspirations. Seems to be one tier 3 or 3 tier one.
  6. Great! So it remains Wit of Death's Herald until the end. Interesting. Thanks & kudos, Waski.
  7. Deadfire D-Day! One question: Is AndreaColombo's Deadfire Unnerved-Mod compatible? I love this mod.
  8. Would be great, Wotcha. I'll try it with your passionate-clever-wisecracking-combo.
  9. Hmmm. So it seems there is no guiding thread to gain a tier 3 inspiration ... maybe I will start a testrun.
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