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  1. I would really advice you to look at the More Custom AI Conditions mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/88). It adds the condition "Self : Focus at maximum" under the cipher category, making it really easy to program an Ascendant.
  2. Typo, you changed Savage Courage upgrade, not Stalwart Defiance upgrade. I would find it more elegant if Savage Courage gave a Resolve Inspiration (Resolution T2 or Courageous T3), instead of the stand-alone Concentration every 6s I used Leap mainly as a mobility tool, I find the Stun buff unnecessary to make the skill good, but whatever. The skill tooltip still shows a bonus 2P on this upgrade - is this a typo or ? Sweet, I need to try out a Ancient Druid/Ranger now, see how it plays out ! I just remembered that the Ghostheart subclass also have pets summoning abilities, how do you feel to have them match the others Pets skills (keywords and range) ?
  3. Maybe you read about that mod : https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/209 It adds keywords to some abilities, and modifies the Eye of Wael and the Whitewitch Mask to grants PL to both Illusion AND Deception abilities.
  4. Fair enough ! I'll play again with FoPZ and Immolation, see if I can change my mind. About Healing Chain, the best case scenario would be to have a priority to target the most injured party member, good luck to find out to mod that I'll find the strengh in myself to accept LoH upgrades costing 2, its okay ! I like Shadowed Hunters granting a stong DoT, feels very in theme for Ranger - but I would prefer if the DoT duration was stackable, and then both the pet first attack AND the ranger's first attack apply each 15s of the DoT - to emphasis the "hunterS". Really weird to give Ranger that random invisibilty/untargetabilty tho, I wonder why they did this. I just had a random thought - I never really thought much of it, but Rangers do have one Plant keyworded skill, don't they, with Binding Roots ? I wonder if we could push the logic, and give all the pets abilities the Beast keyword. Making them more powerfull with you multiclass with Druid, or a couple of weapons with Beast PL. What do you think ?
  5. Alright, I have been playing around the changes Fighter - I find the original skill design to be muddled * Inspired Discipline giving all T1 Inspirations is fine for 2 Disciplines, but I never understood why this skill existed in the first place. Perception (and possibly Intelligence) Inspirations are already provided by a PL1/PL3 skill, so it feels bad to double down on it. Inspired Strike at PL9 gives you Nimble and Acute, so even more redundancy. I would like to see some clean-up, for example Inspired Discipline would give fewer Inspirations, maybe it only give Body Inspirations (Might/Dexterity/Constitution), but T2 ? If the Fighter want Perception or Intelligence Insp, they go for Disciplined Barrage&upgrades. If they want Resolve Insp, they go with Unbending. * Power Strike and Inspired Strike : The big single target nuke and CC, feels good - I would remove the Insp from the upgrade and go deeper it that "I will kill you, single target" theme, and give it an even bigger %dmg inscrease *Take the Hit, Into the Fray&Upgrade all fell good and fine Paladin - I like that Pladin is a poor ranged healer, with their main direct heals (LoH, Healing Chains, Divine Immolation and LoPZ) all having short range or being PBAoE * LoPZ feels very expansive, and kinda similar to Sacred/Divine Immolation : Same PBAoE, damages and heals. Immolation is duration-based, while LoPZ is bursty, but I would like to see more separration between the two skills. Maybe LoPZ should only be a strong, burst PBAoE heal skill, while Immolation is a strong, duration-based PBAoE dmg skill, with Divine Immolation upgrade not healing any longer. * I love love love having Exhortation to cost 1, it feels great * Abjuration still feel expansive at 3 Zeals, but I honeslty don't know how to change it. * Healing Chains is fun But 50 bounces might be a bit silly * Side note on LoH upgrades - its been a petpeeve of mine that the upgrades cost 2, how do you feel about it ? Chanter - The Troubadour nerfed is well-thought out, it feel fairer, also thanks for the upgrades costing the same as their parent skill, I really prefer it Ranger * I don't think Sharpshooter needed the extra range boost * All the pets abilities : I wish they had the same universal range - you increased Heal to 10m, could you think about doing the same for Bonded Fury ? *Vengeful Grief : Instead of Inspiration (being dispalable with Afflictions), maybe a unique beneficial effect ?
  6. You only listed melee weapons, is that a requirement for you ? Pistol modal gives you -15 Accuracy (easily canceled by the +12 accuracy from one-handed) and -50% recovery. Both Scordeo's Trophy and Thundercrack Pistol have crit synergies (more dmg or paralyze).
  7. As I understand it, we would be numerous to like both FoD and SE having baseline their Brotherhood of the Five Suns bonus, but that would mean Pallegina gets 2 free PL1 abilities, right ? Because of the auto-granted skills nature of Paladins' orders ? Would it be crazy to have two separate Brotherhood of the Five Suns subclasses, one with the FoD bonus, one with the SE upgrade, and have Pallegina get either of them depending of her standing with her order at the end of PoE1 ??? That way, whatever her PoE1 outcome, she gets one free skill (White Flame, VV or WotFS). Its already possible for Pallegina to be a Kind Wayfarer, wearing Desgraza Breastplate, if the disobeyed her orders + souls not given to Dyrwood. If she obeyed and Dyrwood was strenghened, she's wearing the Five Suns Breastplate, and she could get Wrath of the Five Suns. If she obeyed and Dyrwood didn't get strenghened, she's wearing the Honor Guard Breastplate, and would get VV, If this is indeed way more trouble than its worth, then the Frermàs mes Canc Suolias order could just grant Pallegina two free PL1 abilities, and for balance sake, either nerfed them a bit or nerfed the PL0 Paladin passive, Faith and Conviction.
  8. About Vielo Vidorio, I personnaly don't like when an ability upgrade comes with a an increased cost. Greater Lay on Hands and Hands of Light comes to mind, and always have been an annoying point for me. I would rather see Brilliant nerfed, rather than having interesting designs being squashed for fear of their interaction. I would also prefer if the recovery bonus was integrated in FoD, rather than be an upgrade, because as it stands now, it 'competes' (not really because Pallegina wouldn't be able to make another choice) with Shared Flames, both upgrade following a very similar buff-my-close-allies theme. I haven't done any testing, being away from my gaming computer, but I'm wondering if VV recovery bonus stack in duration ? If it does, can a dual wielding Pallegina grant 12s of the buff ? On the cosmetic side, should VV change the flame's color to red, the same color as WotFS ? I would love to see some changes to the WildMind subclass of Seraphen : I've never done a complete playthought with him, with his original subclass, because the chance of him blowing himself up, while small, is everpresent in the back of my mind. Some tweaks of his unique Cipher subclass would be amazing, but its far from being a priority.
  9. Would it be easier to instead take inspiration from the Steel Garrote order ? I just noticed how shockily close Garrote and WotFS are, number wise : 2 Zeal cost, 0.5 Cast Time, 4 to 4,5 recovery time. Steel Garrote order gives a passive (Heals on hit against Afflicted target) and Garrote, so Frermas mès Canc Suolias could follow the same pattern. Creating a brand new PL0 skill "Wrath of the Five Suns" would allow Pallegina to take vanilla Sworn Enemy + one of the two upgrade, and still have access to an unique skill. This WofFS would shoot the same 5 mini-fireballs, maybe add Blind or whatever if you think that removing the Sworn Enemy effect makes the skill too weak. Add "Vielo Vidorio" as a PL0 passive, that increase Pallegina and her allies action speed by X% after she uses a Fire-KWed skill and tadaa, new Frermas mès Canc Suolias order. Again, I have 0 experience as modding goes, so no idea if this is even harder to implement or not.
  10. How do you feel about reworking the Frermas mes Canc Suolias "subclass" by removing the WotFS skill from the ability tree, and instead follow how the others Paladin orders work, by adding an effect to the PL1 ability (instead of having a unique upgrade). Goldpack Knights gains 4 AR when using Sworn Enemy, and then can choose one of the two upgrades (between Sworn Rival and Brand Enemy). Maybe Pallegina could follow the same pattern, her Sworn Enemy does something extra, and then she can have one of the two upgrades. It keeps her SE at 1 Zeal, the same casting and recovery time. The effect probably stays the same (5 mini fireballs) but nerfed to account for the 1 Zeal cost.
  11. Is there a need for the Priest/Druid trinkets to contain a skill per powerLvL ? If a trinket gives 9 skills, maybe it doens't need a bonus as well, and if a trinket only gives acces to a few select skills, it could have a stronger bonus to those select skills to 'compensate'. Or a combinaison of a bonus and a malus, to spice things up ! It would be then much easier to design thematicly strong trinket, and it doesn't require @Boeroer to "copy-paste-but-change-the-name-and-cost" skills for others classes (which is very fun and exciting to read about (love your Amber Star trinket) but sounds very time consuming), like from the top of my head, you could have : a Druid trinket that gives you all three Conjure Blight skills (lesser at PL2, normal at PL4 and greater at PL6), and if you want a cool bonus with that trinket, maybe attach to it the Animal Grief buff/debuff to it (the Druid get buffs/debuffs if they have a Blight summoned or not) a Druid trinket with 3-5 Decay skills, but restrict the access to Plant skills, or maybe the Decay skills are accelerated (less ticks, more dmg per tick), or just a + Decay PL a Druid trinket with a few elementals skills, that encourages you to cycle between the elements by giving you a (de)buff that reduces the dmg dealt by skills doing the same dmg type as your previous skill, but more dmg to other elemental dmg type a Druid trinket that gives Ground keyword skills, with a Ground PL, or making them foe only a Priest trinket with all Seals skills, and with a + Condemnation PL @Boeroer 's book of Prayer, with the two Prayers and the two Lituanies, and you could make them AoE but shorter duration, or a simple + Inspiration PL maybe a cheat-death trinket, wih Watchful Presence, Barring Death's Door and Resurrection, but the Priest get a penality from Berath themselves (maybe a Symbol-of-Berath-light, some corrode dmg and Weakened on the Priest ? Even if we don't want to go to this 'cool side effects' road since (if I understand correctly) the priority is to give casters more versatility first and foremost, I don't think there's a need to have 9 skills on every trinkets. And then we can think about other classes (and those one wouldn't be swapable in combat) : like a Chipher trinket that gives some Echo skills, but make Echo skills self-only one with Shred skills, and it increase Shred dmg, but the Cipher take a % of the dmg dealt back to them a trinket that gives Whispers of Treason, Puppet Master and Ringleader, but the Cipher get a stackable debuff for each enemy under their control a selfish Paladin that makes their aura stronger, but only for them or a support Paladin trinket, making Sworn Enemy castable only on ally, giving them a buff to dmg and acc a Chanter trinket that gives bounce skills (Her Revenge Swept, ...And Evil Turned, Eld Nary's Curse) EVEN MORE bounces, but with a accuracy penality a Ranger that get -X Acc against unmarked target, but their Mark increase the Accuracy of the entire team against that target
  12. Yeah, you have a point. By removing the Constitution and Intelligence Inspiration from 6 7 8 and 9 PL skills, we can bump up the other Inspirations to rank 3, I think. It also reduces the redundancy of having so many skill giving the same Inspiration. And if we are going away from "all the Body/Mind Inspiration" for PL 8 and 9, maybe we could even mismatch them (like having Might and Resolve Inspiration rank 2 and 3 at PL 6 and 8 respectively) ?
  13. Yeah, I wanted to give Robust and Brillant on PL8 and 9 respectivly at first, but Brillant is such a powerful Inspiration ... You are right on PL, I didn't think about skills wtih multiple keywords ! Maybe then dodge the situation entirely by simply giving a +X% Beneficial Effect Duration on the trinket (or do this only apply to the Inspirations applied TO the character, not the ones they apply to others ?) Another alternative would be to use your ideas you put in and giving each new trinket their own way they interact wtih Holy Radiance, instead of having the full Building on Solid Foundations. For exemple, Amber Star would have its 9 skills, plus the effects of Reviving Radiance. Dyrwoodan Prayerbook would have Aggradizing Radiance. Sermon of Punishment and Redemption (thanks for explaining the resoning behing this trinket!) gets its Radiance to deal fire dmg to all foes, not just Vessels. This solution gets away from PL, and add flavors to the iconic Priest skill, which I really enjoy. How do you feel about a trinket have doesn't give a skill at every Power LvL, by multiple skills at a single Power LvL : I was thinking its a shame we don't get the see the different Incarnates often (you need a lvl 19 pure Pirest, and even then they can only cast the one Incarnate from their god), so maybe a trinket that offer the five different Incarnates to summon (we can even try to give Woedica one) at Power LvL 9, but no other skills at PL 1-8. The priests would only have a single Incarnate skill activated at a time, obvisouly, but they could summon the right Incarnate for the right situation.
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