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  1. Twin shots also isnt exactly a spammable ability. Flame of Devoion cost only 1 Zeal, Charge only cost 2 and does full attacks. People seem to argue for rangers because of their weapons, but some other classes, esp monk, can wield them even better than rangers.
  2. Making sure that enemies don't just die to a strong alpha strike is also pretty important. The increase in health will mean that "there will be multiple rounds of combat". In PoE1 one of the key things I abused a lot are doorways, but seem like in PoE2 maps feel a lot more open. Ship battles in particular is essentially one wide open field unless you count the stairs...
  3. if someone can make a mod which increases health values of enemies by say, x2, x3, x5, it would be great. Can also test something where hp += hp*(lvl/5), so the HP value increases gradually.
  4. isnt it just x2 more HP? Smaller summons = more surface area = higher dmg. My biggest issue is still the duration of summons. They just dont last long enough...
  5. No, because Beckoner's summons are so tiny that ogres probably look like midgets. I created Beckoner just to see how much smaller summons are, and as soon as I spawned those skeletons on lvl1 I said no thanks. Wyrms look like mosquitos. Although, in all fairness, Ogres are so huge that maybe even with Beckoner they would look okay as some kind of human-sized barbarians. Smaller size, esp for melee summons, means you can add in more damage per squad inch. Having more summons also means more targets to distract your enemies. My biggest issue with skeletons is that even at 20 int, they
  6. Not using the xp adjustment, but i suspect something is causing my Watcher to not gain xp from combat while companions are getting them. My companions have now out leveled my watcher...
  7. Dont drop int to 3, it affects frenzy duration and you are going to suffer. It also decrease carnage AoE as well. Lack of dex means you hit very very slow. I would dump resolve, since fighter+berserker has talents to resist afflictions and defensive traits to make up for the lowered resolve. Might isn't as strong as you think. Its an additive modifier to weapon damage. There are other modifiers out there (such as weapon quality, talents, etc).
  8. If the penalty is too harsh then people would just go back to town to rest up. It is a very lazy solution to the issue where empowered abilities easily take out/weaken a batch of enemies.
  9. Rangers absolutely don't need a buff. People keep saying the class is weak so I'm running PotD with single-ranger as my main. I'm just sitting in place spamming Evasive fire to get rid of all level 10 - 16 contents. Use 47k Cp rifle. Boss is an enemy mage? Mark. Empower Accurate Shot. Bam. Over 200 crit damage, dead in one shot. Spam evasive fire some more. It's so OP to the point I sometime forget to control the mages because I was killing everything too fast. I'm waiting to see Post-level 16 come to fruition now. Buff, shoot, Evasive to the backline, use the pet line-prone to knock e
  10. The introduction of multiclass is what really breaks how classes work in general imo. At some point, maybe in a giant future patch, there can be certain "pure class" only low level talents/abilities. Chanter is one of the biggest culprit. By themselves, they are this slow caster with powerful invocation which they cannot cast too frequent (unless Troubadour). Being able to multiclass into something else fixes their issue of "just being an autoattack bot otherwise". Full attacks feels a bit too powerful. Hitting with 2x1 handers does farrrrr more damage than a 2 handed weapon. S
  11. A very slightly accuracy and defense buff to enemies is nice: but not to the point where it would be difficult to apply debuffs and other crowd control enemy, or a point where an enemy archer can just take away 1/2 of the HP off your priest with a crit. End of the day, I think part of the issue lies in certain class and mechanics balancing. Full attacks for example, is a nice concept but is far too strong, a flat 25% reduction in damage (or buff two handed damage) would be more in-line with other abilities. The same goes to empowered spells giving you an ridiculously strong alphastrike.
  12. There is a lot of perks and special procs when it comes to criticals, and priest is a fine enough support which makes the rest of your party shine by granting them Devotion+Dire Blessings. Their spells are pretty good: their main weakness probably would lie in the reliance on fire-base damage. Thankfully not too many enemies are resistant or immune to fire. Every party needs a primary healer for tough fights, and we really only have two choices: priest and druid. The latter has more elemental offensive spells, and the former has the buffs.
  13. +3% healing per point, additive. A druid has a lot of healing overtime, and should not have an issue keeping people alive even at 10 might by stacking the heal spells.
  14. Wizards have some of the best bursts in the game later on. Empower+a strong spell would often just wipe out a portion of your enemies instantly. Cipher on the other hand, I believe is meant for multiclassing in deadfire. Cipher provides the power soulwhip to greatly boost damage, while the other classes have passives and other self-buffs to make them generate focus far faster than what "cipher alone is supposed to get". Cipher is probably better early game, as wizard just cast a spell or two then just use their auto-attack. Once a wizard gets a few spells under their belt (like, fir
  15. So you mean full atack adds to accuracy if it's on a 1 handed? nope, just means that its balanced around the 1 weapon style being stronger than the other style passives.
  16. +1 to making it not proc off itself. No need for a further nerf, as i think its the bread and butter of a monk. Other classes have a lot more going for them (far stronger passives, utility to the party, stances, etc). Would also like to see more passives which buff fists to compensate for the lack of weapon enchants, similar to druid shapeshift buffs.
  17. Focus gained is based on damage dealt. Guns offer burst (shoot at the start of battle to gain a large amount of focus). Bows would give you better DPS. PoE1 thread here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87129-what-is-the-best-focus-gaining-ranged-weapon-for-a-cipher/ Multiclass contribute a lot to cipher focus generation since they have a lot of skills (such as swift strikes from monk) which help you build focus up a lot faster than before.
  18. wow did not realize the sword act like a mental fortress. This is going to open up a lot of options...
  19. Mercy and Kindness Followed Where'er She Walked, being a tier 8 ability, means you probably wouldnt have it til you are pretty much done with the game. Is the build holding on before that? Feels like "just a paladin that chants Ancient memory and throws out a paralyze now and then". Come, Come Soft Winds of Death may also have accuracy issues. Given such, how about just using Beckoner and use summons to help distract enemies?
  20. Might is now additive instead of multiplication according to https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97530-might-turns-from-multiplier-into-additive-bonus/ thus the premise is false. Right now potd/scaling seems to be broken, so accuracy is less of a factor. I think there is a lot of value in high accuracy in resource generation, making debuffs hit, and there are a lot of talents which give benefits to crit (such as monk being able to echo attacks).
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