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  1. Woah. What have you done to my comment board?

  2. Thanks for the second and third belated birthday wishes.

  3. Your stupidness confuses me, Accept.

  4. WTF? Accept, you're on crack.

  5. Thanks for the belated happy birthdays.

  6. Woah. *looks below*

  7. I agree with Xard. You lose points for that.

  8. Yeah, you're right. Hmmm. Who looks like him at a younger age?
  9. Well, to get Ian Holmes back as Bilbo, they could do what they did in FOTR and just take a hairdryer and fold his skin back to make him younger. It was really creepy to watch the process, but it worked.
  10. Talk about your puberty somewhere else.

  11. I'm not a hooker. You can't just throw money at me.

    WTF? Are you guys on acid?

  12. I played at a local church/community center with the high school jazz band I'm in. That's about it for today.
  13. Oh, those guys. I'll make sure to.

  14. Oh, love Aimo's work! Flattery will get you nowhere.
  15. FBA is the Florida Bandmaster's Association. They run all the marching band competitions.

  16. Thanks Architect. It's so exciting! I filled out my voting application and everything.

    Run? From what?

  17. Nope. Ron Paul makes me cry in agony.

    And who the hell are you? *points below*

  18. Who would you rather I vote for? I'm changing my mind. Tis Giuliani all the way. No Dems for me. Yuck.

    Stop rhyming. It doesn't become you.

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