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  1. But....How did Llengrath pass on their knowledge? I thought it was some kind of in-person mind-transfer? That they did at the end of training up their successor? I mean okay I haven't played that part in a bit, and I've only played it once so far,but that's the impression I got. Or did they just take up the mantle and not have all the knowledge that comes with it?
  2. Unpopular opinion time! I like the narration for the most part. My only real complaint is it's too slow for me but I know I read much faster than your average person.
  3. My thing with that is you're new to the area and they're not. They know the terrain better than you at the moment. And honestly no matter HOW smart you are people can get the jump on you. That's life. Sometimes you're unlucky. I saw it as a combination of my Watcher not expecting the errand to be to something that would lead to a situation like that, not up to date on the area, and being distracted by coming back to Deadfire where she has a lot of mixed memories. You could always see it as you character having had a bad day? They missed something because half of their SOUL is missing? You can
  4. Again, you're forced to go through Periki's Overlook. Forced. So no, your assertion that people ignore the game to go do their own thing and somehow this is "wrong" is just silly. All this besides the fact that Clario simply tells you that if you want to do business in the Deadfire, you'll need to see Onekaza. There's no particular urgency in that. To go through Periki's Overlook...Where are you forced to go into the Watershaper's Guild on your way to the palace? And I found it urgent because we thought she might have information on where Eothas would be going next?(It's been a bit since
  5. And this is why we should always save regularly folks! ......Yeah wish I could help but I don't even remember that encounter. I probably solved it peacefully though cause that's the kind of character I'm playing.
  6. He creeps me out. But part of that MIGHT be that I'm playing a benevolent character who HATES being touched by people she doesn't know....we'll see how I feel about him next character...except Illyasviel will probably be creeped out too....Sorry Atsura! You're a brilliant character but it'll be awhile before I can make a character who likes you!
  7. I swear I've seen one on Nexus? I think it was called like Naked and Strong or something?
  8. If anyone try their hand with this one that'd be great! I have a picture I'm happy with but I do really like this one. And the fact her hair covers her ears means I could use it for Human AND Elf playthroughs.
  9. The fact you can't check what's in your grimoires while leveling up is the WORST. I somehow ALWAYS end up picking at least one spell during the tier unlocks that is already in Aloth's grimoire because I forgot to check before leveling him up and since they're new spell levels I haven't been using them in combat to potentially remember what he has that I haven't picked myself.
  10. We do have that in game. I currently have Aloth wearing it right now. I can't remember where I got it from but I believe it was pretty early on.
  13. Oh, the things I mentioned are not what I want, but what I know will come. The first two were mentioned by Josh Sawyer and an Obsidian forum user respectively. And the last one is in this SPOILER thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/101546-a-nice-surprise-hidden-in-the-beta-patch/ I couldn't remember if they were confirmed or not so I stuck it on the list.(And I had forgotten that dude's name.)
  14. My wishlist of what happens next.....most of these are probably wishful thinking but a girl can dream Some kind of system to let us unleash our Eora Fashion while fighting! Without losing our armour benefits...(a.k.a. a transmog system or something. I JUST WANT LOOK CUTE WHILE I KICK BUTT OKAY!) An option to check the ability tree would be nice. InsaneCommander is definitely right in that point. More BOWS....I'm aware there are probably more in the game but I'm 63 hours into this playthrough and while I have discovered a VARIETY of the other weapon types that are unique I have only come
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