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  1. Vissas Marr and Hand maiden are the same person if you keep clicking on darth sion your dark thing goes up and sthe white women (handmaiden) changes into red women (Visas)
  2. talking about white hair have you noticed that a lot of heads have white hair though think it could be a when you darkside thing. cuz the second pic is of a darksider although the 3rd has white hair but looks good.
  3. Maybe they are mother and daughter and one is the queen of onderon
  4. i think atris is the female sith lord, and the reason she fights MSG is that the 3 sith lords want to be the all powerful sith lord and are against each ova (just my guess)
  5. Juhani all the wya she was the best, and i loved her story i could never kill her on dantooine and it killed me when i went darkside, why cant she join me?? I hope she returns
  6. if there is a wookie i want it too be female and more original i dunno gic it highlight or shve it i hate the boring wookies dont wear clothes" thing just seems so easy to shove a wookie in that has no originality wasnt zallbar a chewbacca rip off?
  7. When has a wookie been metioned and where did wisejedi and craigbot2 get there pics from?
  8. http://xbox.playmoreconsoles.com/interview.asp?IntID=37
  9. you cant affect keria or atton, but Mira can join if you allow her too, so you can prevent her from joining you a bit like u could stop juhani.
  10. it also says xbox is released on march the 5th
  11. sadly it isnt its another type of droid like the one in the tomb on koriban (the isnane 1)
  12. i think the only reason its hk50 cuz if they gave u hk47 he could tell all whats happened to the party members, but hk50 wont kno and t3 cor say anyway
  13. notice the zabrak has patterns on his head and the lightsaber hilts are different. THe silver guys in his new armour new handles again and theres sum1 in the backgrounf maybe party member? new lightsaber style new places i apologise if youve seen these before ive just been reading sum other posts and theyve already been noticed soz
  14. i know an i made it sharper from what it was
  15. I know that t3 but is that hk47?? or is it too big?
  16. it said the sith approched the mandelorians to attck the jedi, mabye they are the sith in this game, also do you think that sith were only on the seven planets and the star forge? there are loads of sith and loads of other planets..
  17. i am a dark sider althoutgh i hated killing missiona nd juhani all the rest i couls slay wiv a smile nut juhani is my fave charcter in kotor
  18. and any other aliens? is their going to be long robes, cuz sum sw characters were long dresses/ robes but in kotor only the star forge robes were long
  19. do twieleks look the same but with different clothes or have they changed because in kotor, jedi academy and galaxies the twieleks are all different? Any cathar in this game?? is there going to be more than one zabrak in kotor 2? i mean as npcs not just party npc
  20. i read that facial animations are going to be better in this game is that true? i saw a concept art drawing of darth sion in a cape, and big shoulder pads is this part of his outfit or does he go topless the whole game?
  21. has mira's model changed?? at all? is she based on Mara Jade? they got kinda same name and both got red hair? also is it equel number male/female party npcs or one side over powers the other? in kotor it was 3 girls, 3 boys a wookie and two droid and the wookie and droids were both male, so men overpowered the woman. also will their be a female droid?
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