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  1. in the first one by the time we got off the first planet we had 6 party members which ment we didnt use some to there full potential (zallbar and t3 mainly) i know we get keira and atton on the mining place (pegasus i think) will we get party members early on or will we get some later on in the game? If you want a day off ill gladly cover for you ^_^
  2. what about apprentices? r they in? do we choose??
  3. is this a new version of mira? the lips look smaller
  4. i agree i was part of the team originaly but when people started talking about new engine and stuff like that i quit
  5. i thought pascal nerder was a good retexturer i wanted this http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/9772/bastilascreeniepsd.jpg
  6. lol :D what ever happened to them?
  7. Tomwaz from holowan forums has released his new info its rather interesting....if true Powers: Force Adaption: Remember in the sandral/matale fued when you had to kill them all for bloodshed, well that time is over. When Force Persuade does not work you can adapt the npc to be temporarily either dark or lightside. This can help to either create conflict or to halt bloodshed, the choice is yours. It will upgrade to more powerful powers that work more often. Force Throw: This power will let uo pick up and through your enemy to the nearest wall. It will otherwise just throw them up and give damage as they hit the ground. Battle Meditation: This much revered power is now available at a very high level. It can be used in dialogue to shift the sway in a battle to which ever side you meitate to. It can also be used for your party as a universal temporary boost. Force Clairvoyance: This will let your character have a much hight dexterity for a certain amount of time because it allows you to see your enemies future moves. Powers like force crush and sight you already know about but i will release more soon. Force Crush: This will let you pick up your enemy crush the inside of them. Very similar to force kill, but it does more damage. It does not have the ability to incapacitet your enemy for an amount of time though. Foce Sight: This will let you see npc's through walls and doors. It will also show you the alignment of a character by giving a blue for light red for dark and gray fo nuetral glow. Dark Rage: This is like a dark version of knight valor that only works on the pc. It will grant bonuses for an amount of time which increase after each kill you make while using the power. Sith Lord: A sith lord is one who is consumed and utterly devoted to the darkside. He is mainly focused in using force powers and is faster at power gain and force regeneration. To comre face to face with a sith lord is to feel the true power of the darkside. Sith Asassin: A sith asassin is shrouded by darkness and deceit, preffering to observe and kill from a distance.He is largely focused on stealth and silent kill methods. When death is dealt from the shadows a sith asassin is not far away. Sith Marauder: A sith marauder gives in to the baser emotions of passion, lust and death on a daily basis. He is focused on fighting with lightsaber and strength fortifieing powers. These men fight with the fire and passion of the dark side itself.
  8. according to site where you can purchase the game its either 6th or 9th of december
  9. the "pet" starts off with one player but can be used by others evetually
  10. the answer to to is yes you are only allowed 3 and the "pet" which will help you in battle so you could say 4
  11. if you watch the walkthrough video when he selects which savegame to load, look where the pics are to the right and hes got a double bnladed white saber
  12. Lucas arts is incharge of the advertising and is this why we havent heard anything (quoted from gamespot) LucasArts mum on layoff reports Reliable industry sources say pink slips are flying at LucasArts; staffers offer no comment. Reliable industry sources tell GameSpot News that numerous uncorroborated reports about layoffs at LucasArts are correct. Those reports state that up to 50 employees--including senior staffers RJ Berg, Randy Breen, Mike Lampell, and Daron Stinnett--have been let go from the company's development and production departments. Another source with close ties to the company said additional staff reductions were likely in the coming weeks. If true, the personnel cuts would mark the second major downsizing at LucasArts in the last 15 months. Last April, the San Rafael, California-based developer reduced its payroll by 29 positions. The company has seen changes at the top as well. Longtime president Simon Jeffery resigned last October, and he was replaced by LucasFilm vice president Jim Ward. The layoffs would also come a month after LucasArts reportedly withheld annual bonuses from its entire staff. However, none of this is official--yet. When contacted by GameSpot, LucasArts representatives declined to comment on any personnel changes
  13. they are just putting the star forge robes in becuz we didnt get much use of them in the first game
  14. It's probably going to be the latter case. I doubt it will be something that gets unlocked after your first pass through the game, though that is an interesting idea and something I'll pass along. There are plans for at least one thing that will be unlockable by completing the game though. -Akari here you are <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  15. so its ok to be a lezbian but not a gay guy?? im a guy and i dont have a problem wiv gay guys wat they do is there own buisness
  16. you got nuthin against you just dont want them near you?
  17. you can use t3m4 if you choose to do the tutorial
  18. Exactly my point, imagine someone like that in your party. Never seen the show, but seen them on TV so much I pretty much know that they are annoying. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> but he might not be like that
  19. i h8 that show where the hell do they get people like that?, thyre so annoying, not becuz they are gay but becuz they just ......annoying
  20. that stereotypical, only the minority of gay people are like that.
  21. maybe there has been ............i always suspected yoda
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