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  1. I knew id seen Atris's clothes before, the women in Star Wars Attack Of the CLones is wearing them, Have obsidan stolen the idea? It lookes good but its cheating suprised LA allowed it
  2. id like to see one but maybe a century after the movies
  3. yep but it does look like talia
  4. KOTOR saved game editor you can get rid of the "cheat used" on your saved game
  5. yer if you compare this one to the actual traya you notice that the one we get is just a cheap reskin that looked good at the time
  6. Yer her who was also going to be a party member
  7. I liked the romances in KOTOR so i think romances should be back
  8. HK-47 is boring and can be replaced with a more interesting character
  9. 1)Definatly on XBOX 2 and PC the better console seserves the game ) 2)More party members 3)No wookies 4) No G0-TO 5)No HK-47 6)No T3-M4 7)More races 8)Female Cathar party member 9)Female TWilek Party MEmeber 10) Longer story 11)More sidequests 12)More Planets and larger areas on the planets 13) New more designed ship.
  10. Im guessing it was cut because it would effect how easy it would be to make the third game, because some characters might die in some peoples kotor 2 but not in others, and developers would struggle in ways to find out who survived, and maybe the developers or LA decided that charcters who died in KOTOR2 might be needed to return in KOTOR 3
  11. Yes there should be KOTOR3, but they should take time onit, new engine, new graphics etc taking all the good things in KOTOR & KOTOR2 and expanding them. It should be an XBOX 2 and PC release, because then thered be improved graphics, framerates and loading time. And presumably the xbox2 is using a new disc type that can store more stuff on so they can make the game bigger and add more stuff like hodded robes.
  12. who is that? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> She plays M in James Bond and Aereon in the chronicles of riddick She's been in loads of other things these are just examples of films which people have most likely witnessed her in.
  13. Dame Judy Dench as Kreia She's anexcellent actress, got a great voice, and could look the part.
  14. How sad... Why do people assume that little kids play the xbox? oooo ur such a man u hav a pc, we all hav PC otherwise we wudn't be on this forum
  15. maybe its just a precautian so that people don't know its really been registered by a company.
  16. i no its a bummer Juhani was my favourite character
  17. I didnt use t3-M4, HK-47 or Mandalore, But i think Vissas Marr would be a good character to have back we could learn more of her past maybe even go to Katar (how eva its spelt)
  18. I want a female Cathar Soilder but i think they'd be better if they looked more like this. And a female Zabrak or Irodion whatever they are called
  19. T3-M4 and HK-47 shouldn't be party members i ahd enough of them now, but they should be encountered, I think it would be good If you encountered Bao Dur on some planet and they were with him.
  20. at the end of my game kreia told me something about the last of the jedi but i dont kno how to put on spoiler tags.
  21. These are some of my main rants about kotor 2. In the trailor it says that if you go to the darkside your party will follow, yes using influence you can change there dark side or light side scale but thats it there was no reaction to what choices you made with kreia i never felt that my character was either lightside or darkside. I never found a hooded robe I never gained a prestige class Bao-dur never had any dialog despite him looking the best The remote was ment to be able to follow you afer time did anyone acomplish that? I felt it was too easy to turn people into jedis, you told them stuff and they automatically became jedis. THere wasnt enough dialog between characters, i loved the dialog choices in kotor 1 I felt romance should have been the same as the first game and not just having other party members talking. I remeber reading somewhere that a dev said there will be a time when you will need to choose a party member to leave so some one can replace them did any one ever come across that?? When i completed the ravager i thought that might the halfway point of the game, but then i find its right near the end. Once i got all the jedi masters together i thought they might give me a mission like "you must find the threat of the sith lords and destroy them all" which could have involved me going back to planets ive visited and finding clues. but no krea kills them all which made me think what was the point? major dissapointment was the ending sure it was nice to find out whats going to happen to them but why not through movies? It would have been nice also to once on the ebon hawk at the end to be able to talk to them, and on there decide where they're going like "We must travel to the outer rim, Revan is there and i feel our destiny lies with her...." something like that insted of telling kreia what your gonna do. P.s has any one found the easter eggs that are meant to be in the game? I enjoyed the game i thought it looked better and there was more level of detail to the worlds, but kotor one had the best story, there was a great story in kotor 2 but i needed to be developed
  22. Help im really stuck, i managed to get the message from atton and get to the bit where he gets attacked by the 2 twielks but it were too hard so i loaded a save game just before i got the message and went to Onderon to build up attons stregnth but now i cant get the message asking me to meet him, ive bet the champ and danis, bet red eclipse, got rid of the exchange and sorreco, reunited the couple and mother and daughter got odis a job, all vogga talks about is me bring goto back in chains, the little bat lik ething sez the exchange like me please help what do i do if there are anymore missions tell me where i need to go to start them
  23. it just seems like an error cuz boa-dur (hu looks freakin awsome!!!) can wear different stuff but you can still see his arm
  24. Has any one else got the problem that kreia cant change her clothes even if you un equip or change them to an armour?
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