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  1. im sick and tired of people saying that because people play on the xbox that we are children! and hades you can hardly complain at some people moaning when you've done enough moaning for everyone on the forum!
  2. i dont understand the rates and loading times?!!?!? on my xbox kotor 1 loaded quick giving u just enough time to read info it displays and it looked great on my xbox too. Can sum1 explain framrate plz and im gonna import it from america so i can play it on my xbox too :D so i dont have to wait till feb for it to **** out in the uk b4 i can play
  3. im getting my uk xbox modded so i can import the game and play it
  4. its atton, i zoomed in on photoshop and although pixelated u can tell its atton
  5. wat u on about fable is a great addictive game
  6. lol screenshot 5 is a human females head on a purble twielks body lol i h8 the quaren though
  7. THere a new official movie at gamespot (havent sin it yet so dnt av a go at me if its old) http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/rpg/kotor2/media.html
  8. the firts asian women She has shoryt hair and a fringe.
  9. Well, they had to make it so X-box could run it as well First Deus Ex presented better 'mirroring' f/x than possible on this console, so they propably had to use this blurred 'shine' effect on both K1&2 - but that doesn't look 'real' and actually worsens the model Actually, i looked at trailer again - this "Sith Lord" I referred to in my first post turned to be alien-looking, strange guy... Is this a mask, or is He e.g. Verpine or some other insectoid alien? Is he apprentice to a Sith Lord? Third Sith Lord? His model seems way too detailed and unique to be just a random npc... Or perhaps, a whole race (like infamous Noghri) of Sith-allied assasins? This trailer holds way too much new secrets when looked closely upon! :ph34r: F. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Xbox has the ability to display excellent graphics, if you ever read an xbox review of the game (it might have been on gamespot) they actually commented on the fact that the graphics in the game arent as good as sum other xbox games, and the xbox version still got a better review than the pc one so dont diss xbox
  10. I HATED ANAKIN!! or maybe it was his crap acting?? i much prefered ep 1 anny, plus how **** between ep1 and ep2 anakin looked like he aged about 10 year but padme remained the same?
  11. i think itll be like how we trained in kotor 1, the code, they create a lightsaber and then have to og do a task for which we will control the apprentice cuz its been mentioned that sumtimes the pc himself wont be wiv the party members whilst they do tasks
  12. i wud have preffered all new partyu memebers not returning ones, cuz if people are right we have canderous hk and t3
  13. I remember reading that tattos are a possability but that was quite long ago they may have scraped like they have dLLC, different hilts and the ability to put the hood up and down
  14. if the pc was to get xtra content becuz its l8r than us xbox i hope that international xbox people would get the same treatment
  15. wonder if hell be lightside? cuz he had regrets about his life and wanted to change it
  16. i think its good both versions are the same and pc doesnt get more, pc will get patches for problems though but i hope no new stuff
  17. i think this bit could be a bit furthur in the game past pergasus
  18. It is a droid and its silver but this is after youve got your party cuz keria is on the floor of the ebon hawk too. i wander wats happened? Is it giving bit of story away? ps i lightened the pic so it shows the droid.
  19. What has also turned out be a great way to keep your favorite companions around is that depending on what you do in the game, you can convince many of them to become Jedi. WOW....a bit unusual but i like it i want them all to be jedis, if they@re jedis will their face change if they go darkside?
  20. Im from England, the West Midlnads and i like English weather cuz i like the rain and cold and it hot aswell......sumtimes
  21. I think same person because atton, boa and that blonde dude just turn to evil looking selves aswell
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