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  1. this is darth sion in battle http://media.xbox.gamespy.com/media/679/67...mg_2253806.html
  2. Im under the impression that Juhani (my fav character from kotor1) wont be returning so i wander will there be more Cathar in kotor 2?
  3. i think you are completely wrong, this game is going to be great, judging from what ive heard the poeple at obsidian and la have done a great job and i think this will be not only a great sequel but even better than the first game. So you should think before you insult there efforts.
  4. it is an rpg its more than just fighting on the topic of patches the xbox version is going to get loads of downloadable content like weapons ans armour will pc get these aswell?
  5. i think the idea of a patch is good that way if people wanted it they could have it
  6. i wasnt asking for stuff lik that i was meerly saying maybe there should be a romance
  7. I'm quite certain Obistan would put out enough heterosexual romance options to keep you basement geeks happy for a long time. Whats that ment to meen?
  8. i just thought relationships would be in every universe.
  9. dont you think that it is ok to be gay?
  10. but they cant deny that there are gay people in america, ans some of these might buy the game. It has got to be put across that being gay is ok so why not in a hugely popular video game, but also if there was a homosexual relationship in the game the person would have the choice to continue with it or not.
  11. I know there is a topic called Romances but i failed to see what i want to say in it, so i have made a new topic. In the first there were 3 romance oppertunities: 1)Bastilla and male PC (this was the main one and it actually got somewhere) 2)Carth and female PC (this was ok, although they left out a chunk of dialog if you went dark side, which is now accesable thanks to modders) 3)Juhani and a female PC (this one wasnt much just with a little flirting and admitting you love each other on top of the rakataan temple if you went lightside) Gathering information on KOTOR:TSL, we shape what happened in the first game through conversations (this is quiet clever but a couple of cut scenes would be good aswell) So do we have the ability to mention that Revan was a female and went of with Juhani?? I think that would be excellent. I also think there should be relationships in the new one, hetrosexual and homosexual, with male and female main characters
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