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  1. Thanks! I have hit the point that I don't care about the achievements anymore, so I'm happy to look into mods to make him more reasonable and frankly more like he was in POE:1. I uninstalled them not long after they went live, because I was trying to get all the ach's but I just want to enjoy and finish the game these days. I lost track of the mod, so thanks for linking, I've installed it again I just built a new machine, so all my beloved mods are gone *sigh*. I'm on the hunt for all my old favourites for DA:O as well. Didn't think to transfer the game files since most of my games are online these days, and I have well and truly learned from my mistake.
  2. Mmmm so sayeth this companion window... my idea of "kind and dutiful" is apparently vastly different from his though... I pick the kind and dutiful options (to me) and he rolls his eyes and carries on as if I'm wasting everyone's time and butting in where I shouldn't! He honestly reminds me of my cat when she's having a particularly angry day... No matter what you do, it's a coin toss whether she purrs or pees in your shoe and walks off in a snit. It would be nice if there was some indicator on the conversation options *stating* when an option fitted one of the criteria, and which one it fits with.
  3. Oh Hel, this is the new and improved version?? uuugh good to know, thanks! I wasn't sure how he was before because on my last playthrough (just after launch) I had the bug where everyone was getting everyone else's rep so Aloth was -2 before I even got the ship, and I had everyone except xoti angry with me before I even hit Hasongo lol. Xoti for some reason wanted to get in my Watchers pants 3 seconds after they met! It was a fiasco
  4. Ugh I thought they patched Aloth to make him more approachable. I've laid off the game for months now to try and out wait the bugs and issues. Guess I'll just forgo the ach and install the mods again. Seriously, he wasn't a retentive curmudgeon in the first game, and there's no reason for him to get shirty at you every time you open your mouth, especially if you carried over a save where your watcher helped him at every turn. He's NOT a stranger, so why is he suddenly acting more pernickety and distant than when he first met the watcher. Makes no damned sense and it's really disappointing. I just lost all my hard earned rep because one of the PARTY MEMBERS (not even the watcher!!!) made a flippant comment to another NPC.
  5. Anything I should know about "canon" rules etc before posting? I'm scared of touching wiki pages these days after being reamed on one of the other game wikis for adding 'male player character options when the canon is female'. Down for helping, but not if all my work's going to be deleted out of hand because I didn't use 'canon appropriate terminology'.
  6. I have to agree about the Grieving Mother. I think she waffled on repeating her own stoner diatribe over and over and ended up coming across as a relatively shallow "woowoo" hippy rather than the incredibly nuanced character she could have been. I wish I could get to know Rekke a bit more, but I can never seem to find him! I've scoured the area he's supposed to be in, but I have never managed to find him. At this point I'm guessing it's a bug, but 3 different runs have ended up the same way. I really want to meet him! I hear he has a use for these bags of crap I'm lugging around!!
  7. 1) Babbies First Boat 2) Baby's Second Boat 3) Big Boy's Boat
  8. I believe if you don't feed them and let them rest when they have injuries it can result in their permanent death? I know it worked like that in the first game, I accidentally perma-killed Durance a couple of times and had to reload lol.
  9. Yup, and Berath is a spiteful little biach who turns you into a small fuzzy if you say "no" to her as well... First time in I completed the game in around 2.5 minutes lol. Allegedly I was happy in my blissful ignorance though??
  10. I really wish he had full dialogue and quest options instead of just the convo when you pick him up and some clickies. He's awesome, and the only real viable option once you (metaphorically) toss Eder overboard/maroon him on a small rock.
  11. I think it unlocks when you have two of them? Gods damn it!! I stole one from the pub in Port Maje in my last play through, but the poor owner got so upset I let him keep it this time around. Guess I'm going to send Serafen back in to ruin his day again mwahahhaa Uuugh... restarted so many times while the worst of the bugs were playing havok that I'm sick to death of Port Maje
  12. Ugh, thank you for sharing. I have a nasty habit of carrying around random ex-quest/vaguely interesting/questionable crap for entire runs "just in case". My bags in DOS2 were terrifying. Knowing that 'random quest crap' is useless after the relevant quest is complete makes a lot of difference
  13. I almost snorted beer all over my keyboard! I SO wish I could shout a battle cry like that!
  14. I’m with you on this, if Iselmyr had to be connected to any kind of romance or pseudo romantic dialogue in the game, it would have been preferable to have more context about her “personality” and the nature of her cohabitation in her host (Aloth)’s body. She’s presented similarly to an ‘alter’ of someone living with DID... but she’s clearly not exactly like that because of the whole “awakening” thing. If this is the situation the writers were going for, and it seems like this is the case considering the environment and violence surrounding her first appearance, then there’s nothing inherently wrong with someone *carefully and considerately* persuing a romantic relationship with her... WITH THE HOSTS EXPRESS PERMISSION. That being said, she clearly isn’t terribly considerate of Aloths likes and dislikes or comfort zones- she’s constantly trying to pick fights and push his comfort zones in potentially destructive ways in both games- and she’s clearly not a “protector” anymore, she acts the aggressor with random strangers and pulls stunts like with Eder that actually put Aloth INTO danger. whether she’s to be thought of as an alter, or a very pushy passenger skin riding her host at will, it’s pretty much never okay to take advantage of the host being forced into silence/rendered unconscious against his will/ Removed from control of his own body for someone else’s amusement. I get that it’s a game, and iselmyr isn’t a DID alter, but they were written with enough similarity that I can’t help thinking that if Aloth *were* human, the way Edér acts towards him and Iselmyr would be considered not only abusive, but extremely dangerous and damaging to Aloth. Sometimes it sucks having too much real world knowledge/education! *sigh*
  15. Like wRAR mentioned, it's in the shipwright quest, down the alley way near queens berth. The thug threatens you with sicking his wolf on your party. They were significantly higher level than me when I met them so I "bluffed" with a threat to make boots out of his wolf if he tried it. Eder about had a stroke and went from +2 to neutral in one dialogue option lol. Tosser I really wanted to like him, I really truly tried.... but alas bigoted self centered idiocy eventually overcame my watcher's ability to ignore the insult to his friends and personal safety.
  16. Awww that conversation! I SO wished I could snap back! I mean really... would he prefer I threaten the puppy and ultimately leave it alive thanks to my slightly distasteful but effective subterfuge... or that I simply kill it with a tonking great fireball along with its master???
  17. I seem to recall there were couple of voiced lines in Bioware games that never made it into final games? Mass Effect I think had it, or Dragon Age Inquisition? I may be wrong though and those might have been simply written dialogues. Yup, there was the loghain dialogue cut from Origins which someone else mentioned above, and there was in infamous "bisexual Cullen" conversation that was datamined as well. That one was at least backed up by a tweet, and was mentioned by some other companions here and there Crying shame it never made it past the cutting room floor
  18. That's what I did in the first game when Eder started trying to pull Iselmyr forward against Aloth's wishes... And I also ended up keeping him and Hiravias separate too, after the Orlan's head offer. Party management got a bit nightmarish at that point, I ended up having to hire a tank because poor Pallegina couldn't take the heat
  19. He turned down my elf- Did he turn you down for sex or for a romance? Cuz I think he says he isnt interested in a relationship so if you chose that option he will turn you down, but if you say you only want some fun you can sleep with him any time you are on the ship. Good to know, TY
  20. He turned down my elf- Weird... I thought he swung every possible way... I'll have to look up his 'preferences' before my next play through, I don't want any weird Aloth style hiccups for my debauched pirate run
  21. I have pretty much done the same thing. I freakin hate playing politics in RPGs, and they all seem to be including the 'faction system' these days. I miss the days of DA:O where you basically said "The world is ending, we're the only ones left who can stop the threat... you could stop us and doom the world... or you could let us save your petty squabbling asses. Your choice!" and then mike drop out of 'court' and get on with risking life an limb. I just don't care, unless innocent people are being hurt, or the faction is trying to stop me from doing my job (which was the very worst part of DA:I). I"ll mash the slavers, because slavers, but everyone else can just get out of my way.
  22. Woo!! Thread #3!! I think there are flirts which are natural parts of her dialogue regardless whether you romance her or not, and then there is the lock-in conversation where she tells you she likes you. Or something... I'd agree with this, I had a minor freakout last night because I stuck up for her when Eder was having a go at her, and she randomly grabbed my hand and started telling me how awesome I was... Since this is my 5th attempt at an Aloth romance now, I'm really hoping it's "just her", because I'm not sure I can stomach another starting sequence just yet
  23. You can boot him after your ship wrecks. At least, I recall an option to tell him you're going your own way. And as I said, Aloth can defend himself very well. He's not that sympathetic to anyone else's plights. ... I... wasn't talking about 'saving/defending Aloth'. I was talking about the option to call out someone when they are being an ass... it's not about Aloth It's about my Watcher being outspoken, intolerant of bigotry, and having a big mouth to/at everyone. I mean he even mouthed off at the imps ffs! That being said, he seems to have found his voice when Eder was being a **** to Xoti... I was pleasantly surprised that I could get a loss of Eder rep and a "Back off, Eder" during a conversation a few minutes ago. Almost as satisfying as shooting Skadge... almost...
  24. Aloth gives as good as he gets. He really doesn't need a white knight. I do understand wanting to confront Eder about orlans, though. I wanted to ask the crew what the hell they were thinking playing a "knife the orlan" game on my ship- the ship where my orlan foster daughter was running around. My favorite burn of Eder came from Pallegina, when she said "Eder, I know you don't like to think, but maybe it's time you start." That was about his wanting kids but not getting around to having them. Who said anything about a white knight?? I stick up for my friends, and most (not all mwahaha) of my toons have a similar moral compas. If I'd had my way I would have slammed a lid on the racism and Iselmyr talk in the first game, and taken great delight in booting him from the group if it had continued. I had the same issues with SWTOR with the BH and SW story lines. I have no issue with antagonistic or distasteful personalities in companions, but don't gag the PC and force a 'friendship' where there shouldn't really be one.
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