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  1. Never used robes. Always used Jal Shay Mentor Armor.
  2. yeah nar shadda has two of the parts on it, I have the prima
  3. Had to go with the double-bladed silver. Ohhh yeah.
  4. I had him with me a lot so if you did something that he liked then you got it. I have got a lot of influence with Kreia but she never changes, is it supposed to be like that?
  5. Well you just suck b/c that whole handmaden thing happend to me and i started over
  6. Ummmm.....I was just wondering if you could get your lightsaber from Atris when your on Telos? This is my second play through and I was just wondering because thats where I am and I want it!!!!
  7. I know hate EBgames, they rip me of on my trade in of Fable and now they make me wait an extra day!! Damn them.
  8. Hahaha, but there are going to be people joining and coming on after it comes out to, if they get stuck. But anyways they look fine to be. the only thing that kinda bothered me was facial expressions, there wasnt any.
  9. I will be the Gardian first and then what ever one goes with that I cant really remember..oh yeah i do, and im going evil so i think its Sith Assasin, i think.
  10. On the IGn review didnt he say that at 17 hrs he finally got his lightsaber, I think thats what he said.
  11. They do dont they. That Spoiler thread over in Gen. Dis. is like 70 something pages long. I got to 33 and bout passed out.
  12. Good point. After all, I'm sure the vast majority of KOTOR fans have never heard of TotJ much less read them! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Where do u get them i have been wanting to read them, can u just get them at any ole comic store?
  13. 213374U...do you like any videogames? Like everyone is saying. It will be nominated but it wont win.
  14. Had to go with Nihilus, just....I dont know. I just think that its him.
  15. Had to go with green. Loved it in the first star wars loved it even more in "the clone wars" (when yoda had it) and i lloved it in KotOR1
  16. I'm actually expecting Korriban to be largely deserted, and in a terrible mess. I imagine I'll be running into a Sith Lord down there somewhere ... [Me] <Entering a dark chamber and seeing a Sith Lord> [SithLord] "Who or what were you expecting to find here, I wonder ..." [Me] <in a coldly serious voice>"It doesn't matter, now that you're here." [SithLord]" Indeed. You seem to have some spirit in you. Not like the others." [Me] <still in a calm and very cold voice>"You wouldn't know the half of it." [SithLord] "Impressive, we shall see if your a
  17. Had to go with Sidious!!!! Most powerful Sith Lord ever with his kyber crystal!!!
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