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  1. Do these god curses count as injuries for the helm that makes you uninterruptable?
  2. This would be a good one to keep on if it works for the helm with uninterruptable.
  3. I don't have numbers, so I can't say "most of these people" are running power builds in a game mode that hasn't yet been tuned for difficulty, so of course it is too easy.
  4. The point about Torment wasn't about its lack of DLC (I have no idea how you came to that conclusion) - it was about the glaring problems that still remain after the post-release development was officially canceled. They did that to focus on the new Bard's Tale and Wasteland (instead of wasting time/money on a game that sold like crap), hence the parallel with Obsidian and their new multi-platform RPG. Tides of Numenaria was horrible. I think I put 4 hours into it. On the other hand, I have over 100 into Deadfire so far.
  5. Well they are level scaling god weapons, so they should be more killy. I haven't actually taken the time to compare them while active vs inactive.
  6. Personally half the fun of the game is building ai rulesets for every situation and watching your monkeys fly. It would be great if the AI could be modified to make all class/subclass conditionals available.
  7. Yeah, but did you find a way for the watcher to pull out the grimoire rather than empty handed during that animation?
  8. It may be my OCD, but on every multiclasser in the team including the watcher, I immediately create a new rule set for them and define everything myself. Also: Is there any guide out that explains all the conditionals in detail?
  9. One of my favorite moments in PoE1 was when it was about time to go to bed, then i decided I'd check out this little ( I assumed ) dungeon under my new stronghold. The sun was coming up and I still hadn't completed it. It is almost heartbreaking that there isn't anything of that quality in PoE2.
  10. It makes me wonder if the majority of the people who are not enjoying the battles much are min-maxing powerbuilds or if they are just going with what they like as a concept. I would like to see a level scaling option that doesn't just up under leveled content to match your level. There should be an option to scale encounters to be above your current level, maybe with several options. IE: level + 1, level ++ 1-3, level +++ 3-6. Or something like that. Maybe someone could mod that in now that they have fixed the level scaling code to actually work.
  11. Yeah I don't think we can do anything with it while it lives in a .unity3d file. Well, at least I don't know how to apply it to the char creation anyway. Thanks for digging it up!
  12. I have found the hairs list, but I cannot find the Prefab folder to identify the exact hair of the Pallid Knight It looks like it is a .unity3d asset and I am unable to mess with it.
  13. Yeah the bald when wearing a hat thing that Josh specifically said they weren't going to have in this game... *sigh*
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