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  1. Will Cyberpunk have Crate 4.0?

  2. Tale

    What time zone are you in?

  3. We've always been at war with Eastasia.

    Actually, since two weeks ago.

  4. I miss comic book nerd.

  5. Oh, burn! I like you, kid.

  6. You're the one who's bored. I'm the one who's lazy. So long as we don't mate, things should be fine.

  7. I know, but I was feeling too lazy to do the complete joke.

  8. Hello bored.

  9. I only lie when it's funny.

  10. Sounds like you know more about Austin than I. I think I've only ever been there once, back when I was but a wee one.

  11. I can neither confirm nor deny. Not that I'm not allowed to say who, just that I choose not to.

  12. "I have never understood the appeal of dark and dreary story lines."

    That's it, I'm breaking up with you.

  13. Tale

    I was introduced to Gyros by a girlfriend of mine a looong time ago. The place she introduced me too is still the only place I know to find a good one. Too bad that place is gone. :'(

  14. Tale

    No, I have tourretes. ****

    Please pity me.

  15. Thought I'd check in. See how everything's going. Make sure Archie and Accept are behaving.

  16. Nobody cares about my comment box. :'(

  17. The news that General Hammond died.

  18. And don't you think we aren't happier for it!

  19. 3 years? Psh, when I was a young whippersnapper, we waited 15 years!

  20. You got engaged? Well, you certainly wasted no time! baww

    ps: grats

  21. Respect your elders, Archie. Don't make me beat you with my walker.

  22. This profile doesn't scare me quite as much, today. I approve.

  23. I just got the news. I'm sorry. Are you going to be okay?

  24. Archie! Bad!

    I'm sorry, Brittany. I forgot to keep him on a leash.

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