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  1. Did the dinner in Venice mean nothing to you? Or the nights in Paris!?


  2. You. Not for his sake, of course. But because I want you all to myself.

  3. Speaking of, where is Xard?

  4. I just want to say "welcome" to all the ladies visiting my profile. Don't hesitate to hang out. Drinks are on me.

  5. "Small size is great."

    She's lying to you.

  6. But, I am a girl. Don't tell anyone. It's a secret.

  7. Tale

    No comments? What blasphemy.

  8. $5 says "bot."

  9. The handle is "babydol." I think that's self explanatory.

  10. There's a lot of suspicious new members. Something strange is going on.

  11. Something fishy is going on round these here parts. *puts on sleuthing cap*

  12. I remember the day when everyone was a year older than me. Pretty much everyone.

    I hate you for the reminder that it's no longer the case.

  13. You haven't? I'm surprised. After all, this is the internet.

  14. Bag on her head? I see that you're a glass if half full kind of guy.

  15. Way to take the easy bet, Archie.

  16. oh dear...

  17. Oh, well if you say s... who are you?

  18. You in the buff is really not what I wanted for my birthday.

  19. Tale

    I'm in despair! People only remembering my birthday the day after has left me in despair!

  20. Tale

    You better have taken screenshots, figgit.

  21. Fair enough, Archie. I am unforgettable to women.

  22. What? Nobody wonders where I am? First you stop calling me and now it's like you forget I exist!


  23. It's my doing.

  24. That's because Krookie requires approval before he can comment in my box.

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