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  1. Tale

    What the hell are you talking about? /gent/?

  2. Don't mind him, he's a little slow.

  3. Raspberry? NOBODY GIVES ME A RASPBERRY! This means war.

  4. I'm frightened by this profile, again.

  5. My signature and 'about me' are empty like my soul, dude. *sits in a dark room writing poetry in his journal*

  6. Summer is awful, for the record.

  7. Generally, I prefer woman who don't have armpits. But I consider their lack more of a bonus than a necessity.

  8. No. And that's how it's going to stay!

  9. No, he's not. He's... married. Yeah! To Jessica Alba.

  10. Whew, glad I dodged that bullet!

  11. It's too late to wish you a happy birthday. So, I won't. But I would have!

  12. I'm good at what I do.

  13. Everyone is a stalker. That's true. That's the second rule of the internet. However, the first rule of the internet is that there are no girls. And I'll be danged if I'll stalk a guy.

  14. I'm not a stalker.

  15. You don't want to romance Atton. He's a ****. Romance a real man. Like Mandalore.

  16. That might be because I delete the more lascivious comments. You just need to be quicker.

  17. I run a tyte ship.

  18. We talk about you all the time, qtPi. You're our favorite topic. You should check in more often.

  19. What?! She PM'ed you guys too!? THAT BLEEP!

  20. I'm hungry. Is there any food in this profile?

  21. He'll get over it, soon enough. I delete his comments all the time.

  22. I don't have anything in for you. It's Accept who will be killed by my mind!

  23. Have faith, Omelette. The day isn't over, yet.

  24. Well, I hear they got into a crappy filler arc. So, don't hold that against me. I completely skipped over the Bount, too.

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