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  1. Oh... chicken pot pies. I've had those. However, I refuse to go to Cracker Barrel. I have no idea what they were thinking of when they named that place.

  2. I've never had a meat pie. And something about the concept frightens me.

  3. You talk about it like that's a bad thing!

  4. I came into this profile to be my usual charming and debonair self. Then I saw that screenshot. I go now.

  5. Meat...pies...

    I'm honestly frightened of this comment box now.

  6. Down, Archie, down! *hits Archie with a rolled up newspaper*

  7. Do you want me to beat them up, Omelette?

  8. Sure is creepy in here.

  9. He's calling you a quitter.

  10. I only help those who help themselves!

  11. I do believe she insulted you, qt3.14. Only one way to settle that.

  12. The only reasonable thing to do in this situation is to wrestle babydol. I'll sell tickets.

  13. Tale

    I think he called you an incompetent stupid piece of dirt with chocolate on top. I'm pretty sure my translation is accurate.

  14. What happened to Omelette, anyway?

    Also, Accept, communicate in a real language. Like English, German, or Esperanto.

  15. Ooh, ooh! What about me? I love math and fire, too. That Tale really did not appreciate you.

  16. If you don't know, I'm certainly not going to tell you!

  17. No, I meant two of ME. There's like two or three Tales, but only one me.

  18. Two of me would be awesome. I hate to brag, but I am the best poster on this forum.

  19. babydol, let us run away together. Away from all this insanity and those who stand between us. We'll sprint away to the wilderness of the web where we can build a love forum just for the two of us. Pack lightly, I can hunt all the HTML and PHP we need to survive.

  20. qt3.14, hold me.

    Just don't touch me.

  21. What about walker's mother?

  22. He's almost 98.

  23. The problem with fanfic in comments is I just read that backwards.

  24. Your post count is subpar.

  25. What's what supposed to mean? The comment where I say we don't care about you or the one where I kill you for revealing that I'm Jason Bourne?

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