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  1. Archibald was banned? That's awesome.

  2. The graphic is good. But kind of creepy. Though, if I recall the original, that was creepy too.

  3. Tale used to. Tale has since stopped downloading shows. But he stopped right around where the new filler started, so he's good up until that point.

  4. Monday? It's not Thursday yet? Damnit.

  5. Tell us about it. In detail.

  6. ADD with no hyperactivity would fall under ADHD primarily inattentive type under the current classification.

  7. It's good that you're unwilling to try. You'd only be met with dissapointment. I'm too awesome to ever be made to feel sad. And I know it.

  8. Because it is. Prove me wrong!

  9. Making Archibald cry is okay.

  10. Wash my car. Then I'll pawn you off to babydol or qtPi.

  11. No, I'm not. Which is, quite frankly, a good thing in my opinion.

  12. Oh well... you can stay. I do have pity in my heart.

  13. Everything around you says Sooners? Get out of my comment box!

  14. Are you sure?

  15. Cows..crazy cat lady...

    I think I know you!

  16. On the other side of the cows!

  17. I live right next door to you. I dare you to try it!

  18. My car's not *that* dirty.

  19. I need you, too, archie... to wash my car.

  20. Tale

    I can't give site. It appeared on /v/ last night.

  21. I can tell you what went wrong, he never had one. It's a glandular thing.

  22. Also, "Cracker Barrel." Just think about it.

  23. Fuddruckers... fuddruckers. Something about the name makes me think it'd be like Joe's Crab Shack.

    God, how I hate Joe's Crab Shack. Quite possibly the worst restaurant in existence. Like eating at a daycare, where the children are your servers.

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