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  1. For Mercanaries in the party that are paladins they get their faith and conviction from disposation of the watcher. So if you have 4 kind warfaryer in your party and rank 3 cruel its going to affect their faith and conviction bonus.
  2. So is Wodica soul power ability your meant to get from giving her souls in poe1 cut or obtainable?
  3. BR useful if you want to pump out invocations faster while off you can have two phases effects active since they have decent linger time aslong as your intelligence is 20.
  4. Ciphers need a serious rework, the class been hit hardest with nerf hammer and all their active abilitys havent changed much since first game except gotten weaker. Things like reaping knives should scale with level and be self castable as well as dropped to tier 5.
  5. Paladin/Fighter Gets passives to resist all 6 of them normally with fighter getting three body afflictions resistances and paladin getting three mental afflictions resistances.
  6. Sort of, recovery time the penalityadded whenever you do attack wile action speed is how long a spell or action takes.
  7. Single class get 9th power level and 28 abilitys to put into their class while multiclass get 7th power level and 27 abilities which they have to put one into each class every power level.
  8. Does character who used sworn enemy/ Gilded Enmity have to be one one to finish the enemy off or can you get your zeal back if summon or ally kills it?
  9. Would come soft death chant and sheild chant be also useful to grab, also do bleak warriors acid transfer over with share flames for summons and does KW healing ability affect sumons?
  10. Im thinking of building a beckoner/paladin for deadfire what chants and invocations seems most useful this time round? Also do chanters chant stack with each so would two characters using same chant stack?
  11. Its funny that Kana best ending requires glorfiying and lying to him about Engwithans. When telling him the truth turns him into bar storyteller.
  12. I wonder since Eothas will be main focus of Deadfire, did spending time in Waidwens body and godbomb destroying his host and damaging his soul cause Eothas change. Cause the way trailer has him come across as looking for vengance. I wonder if changes made him more alive. Im guessing reason he went to Deadfire Archipelago was to rebuild himself or cause east of it is unknown areas that Ondra stops other getting by, which is likely the area where all of gods are physically located at.
  13. That staff seems like good fit for Aloth. Also animanacy cat seems like great pet for beckoners to use.
  14. Im suppose that take a while for them to be balanced with each other given singleclass now have more ability points.
  15. How well does beckoner/soulblade or ascendant multiclass synergies.
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