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  1. Hi Have already emailed support but yet to receive a response. Have received nothing from the physical tier i backed (plus extra goodies i pledged for later on).Was supposed to receive between April 7th to 13th but yet to receive anything. thanks Nigel
  2. I just placed a support ticket with Obsidian directly about my missing (or maybe yet to be shipped) backer edition. Was supposedly sent end of March but have received nothing at all . Im in Australia by the way.
  3. Hooray for beta. Please let it be a proper beta and not yet another one thrown up on Steam Early access *spit*
  4. you do realise they also put the game on discount during the most recent steam sale.....soooo
  5. Of course a serial or key is DRM free. What you mean is an online activation. DRM free = GOG version which means no serial or CD key required. Just copy installer to desktop, install it and play.
  6. Sorry to ask but there has been confirmation that physical copies for backers will be drm free? ...i read an earlier reply from Badler which didn't seem definitive (use of a serial or CD key isnt drm free imho (sorry if i missed something)).
  7. A cut from the sales after release of course. Would have realistically thought a cut from sales of physical copies instore since thats what they are doing the marketing and distribution for....
  8. From what it sounds like Paradox will be handling the marketing and distribution of physical copies in store (i didnt know this game was going to be available in store tbh). Paradox *SHOULD* have zero say in how the game is distributed digitally at all (they went away from drm free to Steam on their own games, but they don't own the rights to this game - Obsidian i assume has a direct agreement with GOG) Clarification from Obsidian would be great (especially since i want my digital copies via GOG while waiting for my boxed copy)
  9. First time takes a while. Got in on my 2nd attempt. Hmmm listed credit vs backed tier isnt correct. have to check records see what i actually pledged..
  10. Someone on KS hoped PE would have a complex economic model. **** that. Something simple. and YES in some way or shape in form i guess linking it with difficulty (loosely) would be good (if there were other options to do it then great as well). Quite a few games get spoiled when you can pile up lots of money but ending up with nothing to spend it on because items were either too cheap in the game, or too easy to make money, or the loot drops were too good and too easy to get without needing to buy.
  11. Keep the VA to a minimum. Keeps costs down and opportunity to work on more important stuff like the story and dialogue
  12. 1. Multiplayer (PE was flogged pretty much as a sp experience from what ive read and not many want the MP or co-op (seems to be trendy in games these days). 2. And yes the whole social gaming business needs to be left alone for this.
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