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  1. Hi! I just tested out the dx11 one (-force-d3d11) and it run a lot smoother on my laptop ( CPU: 2350m 2.3Ghz, RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz, VGA: Geforce GT630m 1GB, HDD: Kingston SSD 240GB, OS: Windows 7 sp1 64bit). I only experienced some graphical bugs in UI especially with the local area map and on the inventory screen with the item category icons so far. I hope that these are the only drawbacks of forced dx11 mode. My graphics settings in game are: -resolution: 1080p -screen mode: windowed fullscreen -vsync: off (also disabled in nvidia controll panel) -graphic quality: min -max fps: 60 With these settings PoEt is very playable on my machine.
  2. Hi! If you play at lower than native resolutions on a HDtv, monitor or your notebooks screen try to set your screen resolution to match the chosen resolution ingame. This may lift the blurriness of the background, sharpens the image a little bit and you may get a little better performance (specially on slower machines). If you play the game on a HDtvs screen on lower than native resolutions (in my case 1366x768p on a native 1920x1080p FullHD tv with a good quality HDMI cable), try to set the tvs sharpness setting to its highest. In my case it helped a lot with image clarity. Also I read somewhere in the forums that if you set your msaa to 0 (tipe in the command line the following: msaa 0 and hit the enter button) it may reduce blurriness and sharpens the background image, but in my case it did nothing. And a little tip for Nvidia (I play on a laptop with Geforce GT630m on Windows 7 64bit) users: I was able to disable msaa completly from my nvidia control panel so I don't have to retype the above command on area transitions. I hope it helps to some of you. PS.: Sorry for my english its not my native language.
  3. I just checked the game (Backer Beta 480) with my laptops (core i3 2350M 2,3Ghz, 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz, Intel HD 3000 / Geforce GT630M 1GB, 5400Rpm HDD) intel HD 3000 and I get about 15Fps (I don't check it with programs, it just felt that way) in 1280x720 resolution (with vsync on). I searched intel HD 3000 vs 4000 and I found out, that HD 4000 has about 50% higher performance than HD 3000. If anyone are interested PoE runs perfectly fine for me (about 30 - 60 Fps) on this laptop with the GT630M card in 1080p with vsync on. I hope it helps to some of you. Ps.: Sorry for my english, I'm from Hungary
  4. I think characters should walk in towns and run in the wilderness.
  5. Sometimes when I try to zoom in or out the mouse wheel modifies fog of war istead of zoom level and in dyrford it affects the water also. It makes the water level rise and drop at the mill's wheel and the water shader dissappears in a halfcircle shape around and near the wheel. I don't know preciesely what cause this bug but it appears after map loads sometimes.
  6. At first I did a 29$ "Slacker Backer" pledge, then I upgraded it to the 110$ Digital Collectors edition + 20$ for Expansion. Now I'm at 150$ after They built in the buy addon option and I was able to purchase the Digital Audio Book for +20$. But in total the experience that I can be a part of this is Priceless.
  7. Thank you for all of your answers, my problem is solved, my money arrived.
  8. It looks like "Total Credit Available $0.00" at the moment.
  9. I started to play BG1 EE a few weeks ago (because some of the Pillars of Eternity's developers made it ) and I have to say that it has more interesting characters than a lot of modern games
  10. Thank you for your answers, I paid them via mastercard, so I guess I have to wait a few more days.
  11. Hi! Can you tell me, how many days are required for the refunded money to appear on my bank account. Obsidian refunded my money because without it I'am not able to upgrade my pledge to a heigher tier and this was 3 days ago (and it doesn't appeared yet) I live in Europe in Hungary. Thank you for your answers and Merry Christmass to all. Ps.: Sorry for my English.
  12. I try to sign up to Pillars of Eternity website, but I get error code 500. My login name is "Pegazus". Please if you can help me solve my problem.
  13. Is it possible to donate via the Project Eternity site "DONATE YOUR OWN AMOUNT" option and then when the Backer Site is up reclaim the rewards?
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