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  1. Hopefully this ends up being nothing more than a rumor. If Microsoft does buy them out, I guess we can look forward to playing the dumbed-down Pillars of Eternity 3: Backfire.
  2. a) Poe's Law applies. b) Satire is not immunity from criticism. c) Not noticing satire is not immunity from not being made no fun of. I've learned about double negatives in school, but never about quadruple negatives.
  3. Perfect! The first megaboss is a spider. There's nothing I hate more than spiders. I wish they would leave loot when I kill them in real life.
  4. Whenever I have the choice, I buy games on GOG. The option to only update games when I want is one of the main factors for me. It's important if the game is moddable since I don't have to worry about an update breaking mods.
  5. You mean the first Baldur's Gate? Yes, and it sucked ass. Basically everyone in that game was like a Deadfire sidekick, even characters important to the story. Why would you want something so bland. I was mainly meaning Baldur's Gate 2. I can't remember BG1 enough. :|
  6. If that's the case, I'd really like to see the removal of the relationship system in future games - it sounds like an awful lot of work for relatively little gain from a player perspective, and if it precludes the upgrading of sidekicks to full companions then that's a strong net loss imo. New sidekick content is nice, but I'm really hoping for at least another proper companion out of the season pass given that PoE1's DLCs gave us 3. I agree. I don't need a relationship system to know whether companions like or hate each other. Their responses in conversations and the bantering with o
  7. I have this problem no matter who is in my party. It's not real bad for me though since I hold the highlight objects button down while trying to leave a map. It seems to help a lot.
  8. If you mean turn all setting down, yes No, he/she means this: https://steamcommunity.com/app/560130/discussions/0/2572002906843374108/
  9. Overpowered! It would have spells from all schools: Banana Peel (slicken) Necrotic Banana Banana Image Bounding Bananas Banana Skin Banana Shower Might be a fun and silly mod to make all spells about bananas. More fun spells: Kalakoth's Minor Bananas Concelhaut's Parasitic Banana Ghost Bananas Curse of Blackened Banana (My personal favorite because this happens in real life) Form of the Helpless Banana Banana of Many Colors
  10. I'm thinking they meant 7/28/18. It's the same timeline image that they posted on the last update about 2 weeks ago.
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