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  1. Any chanter. Single class (bellower) or multi with fighter or paladin (troubadour). You can fight from the start with summons, doesn't require you to skip fights until you're at a high level.
  2. Thanks for the insight. So I wonder, when I read threads on here about people doing the hardest challenges, there's a lot of talk around abusing Brilliant / extend durations; and a lot of love for single-class Monks because of their highest level abilities. But very little mention of Rogues (single or multi), yet they seem to have a couple of key tools that can handle the hardest challenges? And you don't have to abuse the game engine to make use of them either, you just use the abilities (Gouging Stike and then some form of invisibility/smoke cloud to escape) as advertised.
  3. ...does raw damage until combat ends. How possible is it to abuse this? Can you use it on a very powerful opponent, run away somewhere safe, and let them (slowly) die? Or will combat end if they can't see you any longer (assuming no Berath Challenge)? Does it work on megabosses? Any other notable opponents?
  4. What can you do with 3 second chants with no linger other than get fast invocations? The way I'm seeing Troubadour is that it's either longer linger or brisk recitation, you have to choose one. And then you need +1 phrase to invoke. So if you are trying to build a Troubadour around invocations with brisk recitation on, you have the following situation: Troubadour = invocation every 12 seconds (assuming 4 phrase minimum, halved by Brisk) with no linger on phrases Bellower = invocation every 18 seconds @ +3PL, while retaining some linger on phrases That I think is what it ultimately boils down to choosing between.
  5. Hi, For a solo fighter/chanter run, isn't bellower a really obvious subclass choice? I've seen many preferences for Troubadour, but the -50% chant radius downside of a Bellower is meaningless for a solo character. How well does a bellower play? Secondly, does the empower PL boost stack with the bellower PL boost? So if I had say 3 phrases and then chose to empower an invocation, would that be a +8PL boost? That could be a bit tasty if so...
  6. Chanter subs for fighter as main tank. Big shield, max MIG, CON and INT, dump DEX. Later also becomes your highest DPS with Dragon Thrashed. Can also be your traps and locks guy with Mechanics investment. Firebrand Barbarian as your melee DPS. Not an offtank (you don't really need one), just wade in after the Chanter and clean house. Max MIG and INT, as much DEX and PER as you are willing to go from reducing CON and RES. 2 handed weapons all the way, primarily Firebrand. Then take Priest for buffs and radiance; ranged Cipher for crowd control; and Wizard for blasting or whatever else you want him to do. DEX and INT are key for all these roles, PER as well for Cipher and Wizard (buffing Priest doesn't need it though). Final character can be what you want. You could go Paladin for second tank and to help out teammates; Druid for more spell carnage; Rogue if you want another melee DPS/assassin, or anything else you fancy. You get full variety party this way, including traditional roles (albeit chanter subs for fighter and cipher subs for rogue). To be fair the Chanter can carry the party alone for large parts. A full customised party of 6 is overkill. If you look at the no-reload thread, you will see players with only a few weeks experience have beaten PotD without reloads quite easily and multiple times, with some people even doing additional variant challenges (such as no knockouts).
  7. He's talking solo ultimate (solo, potd, toi). Only problem is most people that get it will just be cheating (quitting just before character dies etc). Great concept but no real way of governing it. I'll definitely give that challenge a crack (can't help myself) but I'm probably a year to 18 months away from picking up sufficient PoE2 experience to try it.
  8. Well, I'm finally done . Act 3, all bounties, WM2, Concelhaut and Llengrath all done. Just Thaos to finish off. Bit frustrating I've been stuck at level 16 all this time. Reckon I'd be around level 25 by now if the progression were not capped. Nearly 500k damage done, and 32k damage taken I have all the top equipment, over 500k gold, and enough crafting ingredients to last me a lifetime. I've only just finished buffing and summoned Concelhaut; Thaos mk1 is already badly injured. I'm pretty much untouchable with all these buffs running Bye bye Thaos. I chose to restore the souls. So that's a full completionist solo no-reload successfully finished, including both WMs and all bounties and quests. It was only on Hard rather than PotD but I'm still pleased to have completed it and to have a character to take through to PoE2. I'm not quite done with PoE yet, I still have two things I want to do. The first is to do the same again on PotD and upscaled . The second is to do a full roleplay run with a party, acting as naturally as possible and creating a fulfilling story. Trouble is both of these runs would take a long time to complete, even longer than this one (which has taken me over a month in real elapsed time). So I may move on to PoE2 and then come back to PoE1 at a later date.
  9. One thing I do agree on as a big frustration is that you can't remove enchantments. If I enchant the armour I really like for, say +2 CON but later I find the belt for +3 CON and now I want to change my armour enchantment to +2 DEX for instance, I can't, you totally have to suck up the redundant enchantment. In a game that lets you retrain everything even about your characters, being unable to change enchantments is a bad flaw and very user unfriendly (especially for players who don't know every nuance of the game inside out).
  10. The chest with Ravenwing is near the top of the room, not next to the box with Blaidh Golan. So make sure you are looking in the right place. It's not hidden, it should be directly interactable
  11. Fighter or Barbarian with 2 handed weapon. The former is more resilient, the latter is more fragile but way more destructive. Max MIG and INT either class, everything else average. For talents you want Veteran's/Rapid Recovery at level 2, and then just take all the melee talents you want (two handed style, scion of flame for Firebrand, weapon focus etc). For abilities, fighter goes Disciplined Barrage, Confident Aim, Vigorous Defence, Armoured Grace, Weapon Specialisation...(rest based on choice). Barbarian goes Frenzy, Savage Defiance, OSA, Blood Thirst, Bloodlust, Heart of Fury...(rest per choice). Wear heavy armour to begin with, eventually you can go to lighter armours once you find some good enchanted ones such as Wayfarer's Hide. Best two handed weapon you can find until you can afford Belt of the Royal Deadfire Canoneer, then Firebrand. Later you can switch to Tidefall if you want. It's straightforward and min micro. Barbarian in particular soon becomes a wrecking ball, Fighter takes longer to kill (one enemy at a time) but has much better defences.
  12. Maybe he means stuff like you have to be level 4 to enchant equipment to "Fine" quality, 8 for "Exceptional", 12 for "Superb" etc. I think you also have level requirements to add stuff like "slaying" enchantments to weapons. You also have to be level 3 to craft "level 2" potions, level 5 for "level 3" potions etc Much easier solution (instead of labelling people as idiots) would be just to go into the crafting menu within the game, since it tells you the requirements you need in there.
  13. Been a long time without update. I think I'm close to finalising the character I will take through to PoE2. Reached max level upon arriving at Hearthsong :D I've done all of Acts 1 and 2, WM1 and the Endless Paths (including killing the Adra Dragon). Still have Act 3, all of WM2, Concelhaut/Llengrath and high level bounties to do. This is on Hard rather than PotD but I'm getting close to a successful completionist playthrough. Well, still a lot to do but the game has been a breeze since level 9. I'm reaching the stage where I don't even bother buffing, just charge straight into the middle of the enemies and 15 seconds later they are all dead. I prioritised defence of course, since Dragon Thrashed takes care of all damage. 141 FOR unbuffed . Damage ratio is around 12x, improved drastically since level 9 (was around 2x before).
  14. Try searching. It’s a topic that’s been covered many times before. If all you want to know is attributes, then I would go 20/18/3/10/19/8. But if you look through searches you will find many options and more detailed builds
  15. I’ve recently been playing a 2 handed fighter. My intention at outset was to use Rumbalt. But I got Tidefall first and once I started to use that, I soon decided to leave Rumbalt on the shelf. I wasn’t even optimised to use Tidefall since I had max INT (as well as max MIG). Anecdotally from weapons I was using, Tidefall was doing around 60-70 damage per hit (not even including the 25% wounding damage). Crits took that to 80-90 range. Firebrand was doing more damage, especially as I also had Scion of Flame, at around 80+ on normal hits and well over 100 on crits. But factoring in Tidefall’s accuracy vs Firebrand, and the draining + wounding effects, it’s just an incredibly good weapon, especially when you consider how early / easily you can get it.
  16. As I showed above the benefits of RES (like any bonus to a defense) are not linear but exponential and coverge to infinity (when it comes to deflection). Like the bonus that CON gives to Fortitude. That's because there's an attack resolution that has to overcome the defense - and every additional point of defense makes it more and more unlikely that this will happen up to the point where it can't happen at all (e.g. deflection is so high that the enemy with the highest ACC can't even graze you). The bonus that CON gives to endurance is linear. With a base endurance of 50 you'll get 2.5 additional endurance with every point of CON. I understand the point around DEF gives (relatively) larger % improvements the further you get to 0/100. Though if you look at it from a damage avoided perspective, the % damage avoided is much less relevant. If being hit would mean you take 10 damage, going from 1% chance to be hit to 0% chance to be hit may well be infinity in relative terms, but it actually just means taking 0.1 less damage per attack. Vast majority of the time you are not at the extremes anyway. We must have different definitions of linear. CON gives a % bonus to endurance. So if you have CON 16 (+30%), at level 1 with base endurance of 42, you gain 12.6 extra endurance. At level 16 with base endurance of 252, the same CON gives you 75.6 points of extra endurance. That is not linear by any definition I know. Whereas RES gives you +1 DEF and +3 concentration at any time, in any circumstance, at any level. That is the definition of linear.
  17. I always say RES is for concentration more than deflection. People seem to underestimate the importance of concentration and how low RES on a frontline character gets you interrupt-locked. And unless you’re a wizard or priest, you will not have enough Spirit Shields for every fight. CON is also underappreciated (CON and RES are the two 100% defensive stats). I wouldn’t boost CON at the total expense of RES (e.g. I would not go for CON 17 and RES 3) but given the choice I would prioritise CON over RES (e.g. if I have leftover points and my CON and RES are currently 8-10, I would put the extra points into CON rather than RES). That’s partly because the % hitpoint boost is worth more the higher level you are (whereas the benefits of RES are linear, it’s just +1 DEF +3 concentration per point), and partly because FOR is much more important than WIL.
  18. I always fight that lot on the bridge just outside the chamber. Lure them up and only a max of 2 can engage you on the bridge while the rest are packed behind them (perfect AoE fest). Still level 4 is very low level for that area. You must have whizzed through Act 1 and gone into the catacombs as one of your first tasks in Defiance Bay.
  19. I’m sure you can live without another 100 copper pands of loot :/ It is the way it is, I have same experience
  20. Gems can be bought from Curnd in Ondra's Gift, he appears at night. So you can buy diamonds, sapphires and whatever else you need to apply the +2 attribute bonuses. If you need other crafting components, try Cartugo (also in Ondra's Gift) for creature parts and Lora/Coren in Copperlane for plant parts. In terms of armour efficiency, in absolute terms it is better to proof against the strength of the armour since you get more points of DR out of it. So in the example of +25% efficiency, you get 1.25 points of DR for each point of proofing. If you proof against weaknesses, that gives you better "all-round" DR but you are getting less bang for your buck (so -50% efficiency would mean you are only getting 0.5 points of DR for each point of proofing).
  21. Definitely not Abydon’s as it is 2 handed, and you never want to drop shield. The main consideration is that the chanter’s weapon damage is almost irrelevant, since dragon thrashed does the heavy lifting. I’ve even quipped that a chanter woukd dual weild shields if it were possible. So the first thing to look at for weapon choice is whether the weapon can help the chanter’s defences: hatchets (+5 DEF) are a contender; Whispers of Yenwood is great (even all the way to the end) for +2 CON/+4 FOR. Godsyanthuyr gives +1 MIG/+2 FOR and is definitely better offensively. You could also consider weapons that give immunities or other stat bonuses (e.g. Steadfast). Just go with whatever you fancy, it’s not going to make a material difference to the character. Godsyanthuyr is a fine choice and I would be happy to have that.
  22. Even on PotD, you are going to get hit but the amount of damage you are doing should not be so great. In all honesty Veteran’s Recovery + high MIG is enough regen to heal the scratches you take, and you then use potions to heal up the bigger wounds. Getting stunned, paralysed or petrified is a terrible idea, and no you do not want these even with stacked preservation. For starters you stop chanting, so no more dragon thrashed. Only prone is not so bad (with preservation), though it’s still not good not to be able to perform any actions. Also don’t forget that paralyse gets you -40 DEF, so the +50 preservation is really +10 net. Stacked preservation (+100 = +60) still makes a big difference, but again only for prone, not stun or worse. There’s no substitute for experience, so you may as well play and see what works or doesn’t.
  23. You should not need that much healing on a solo character. Or rather if you do, the build is doomed to failure anyway because you are taking too much damage in the first place and need better avoidance/less repair. Damage is rarely what gets you killed in solo: being rendered helpless (prone/paralyse/stun/petrify) is usually the killer. You have a lot of healing but what’s your plan agsinst phantoms/adragans et al? All the healing in the world won’t help you if you are helpless. Also healing is easily substituted with potions, so it is a waste of talents to use them on healing when you could pick things that are less easily substituted. Hope that gives you things to think about. INT is great because it increases durations and AoE. Your phantom time is not affected by INT at all, it’s a fixed 12 seconds. But your Veteran’s Recovery will last longer, the buffs you use will last longer (e.g. Mirrored Image potions, scrolls of defence and protection), and if you use offensive scrolls they are also improved. And by dumping both DEX and PER you have the points. You could go something like 19/18/3/3/19/16 pre level 9 and then 19/10/3/18/19/9 post level 9.
  24. What do you mean by the Ultimate? Solo or with party? Are you not going to reload at all or are you gaming it? Makes a difference to your choices. For example coastal aumaua is better choice if not reloading; moon godlike better with party. If solo you want Mechanics, not Survival. If you are going to respec stats, then go all the way and dump PER completely before level 9. I would keep INT maxed at all times, you don’t need max RES before level 9 and after level 9 you can reduce RES to around 6-7. Your talent choices depend on what kind of game. Ancient memory / Beloved Spirits is bad choice solo, but ok with party. Wound Binding is total waste when Vital Essence potions will do the job. You might want more defensive talents such as Bear’s Fortitude, especially if true no-reload.
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