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  1. Is it intentional that you cannot loot the bodies of bandits etc. after defeating them in your stronghold? all the bodies disappear after i beat them which makes me sad.
  2. Its just a janky idea of mine and not really optimal but i like bow wielding Shrine Priestesses. Race: Wood Elf Background: Deadfire Archipelago (skill boost is personal choice) Min/maxed MIG: 18 CON: 9 DEX: 20 PER: 10 INT: 18 RES: 3 Min maxed for a pure dps focus. Balanced MIG: 16 CON: 7 or 9 DEX: 18 PER: 14 or 10 INT: 16 RES: 7 or 9 for more Per or if one doesn't like dropping Con/Res too much ( dex and int values can be swapped if longer buff duration is preferred) Talents: Interdiction Painful Interdiction Weapon Focus Adventurer Marksman Pray on the Weak App
  3. I plan on doing: Mc: Cipher using bows, focusing on dps but can help out with cc/debuffs if needed. Aloth: Main CC user with decent ranged damage thanks to the blast talents. Durance: Buffer/Caster, gave him a staff so he can poke from behind the front lines while still being able to intercept enemies going for Aloth/MC. Eder: 2h dps with Tidefall, using regens & some spellholding items. Hiravias: Dual wielding sabers ( no spiritshift) and loaded with spellholding items to stay alive and support the front along with his self centered aoe spells. Pallegina:I really w
  4. Does the "Persecuting" debuff stack with other -Res sources or will it get suppressed?
  5. do you have him in the frontlines or there a reason for his Res to be that high? if hes in the back it doesnt need to be that high and you can remove a few points to max out Might and Int otherwise its a decent stat spread.
  6. well if the'yre in the same weaponfocus ill mix and match but this only works for rapier/dagger and stiletto/club so ill go rapiers for this guy thanks for the fast answer
  7. which fast weapon type would be best for a dualwielder? Excluding Silettos as one of my other guys is allready using them and i dont like doubling up on same weapontypes.
  8. it just seems that way because fighter is mostly all about passives (armored grace,weapon specilization,weapon mastery, Unbroken etc) he has no exciting abilities but hes by no means inferior, while tank fighter might be meh now dps fighter is hillarious im currently playing a dual wield fire godlike fighter in Potd (dump int max str/dex/per everything else 10) and he can still easily offtank stuff sure he doesnt do as much dmg as a rogue but he also doesnt die in 2 hits like the rogue and i found double hatchet offset + godlike dr below 50% pretty effective at keeping him alive.
  9. Penetrating Shot and Vicious Aim can be used at the same time...though I guess you could count Vicious Aim as a Ranger Modal and Penetrating Shot as a Universal Modal? I agree with the above entirely. I've also heard that it doesn't work with Driving Flight. Can anyone confirm this? I'm abit disappoint. If it doesn't work with Driving Flight, and can't be used with Vicious Aim or Swift Aim (and incidentally makes the latter redundant as it has a similar accuracy penalty, and greater damage output), it's overall usefulness seems...limited? At the very least it's saying "Wh
  10. even at 3 int constant recovery still lasts 58 seconds and most battles dont last that long in anything that isnt Potd and there you will be tossing out more Aoe heals anyway since engagement doesnt 100% lockdown anymore so yeah its a nerf but its still perfectly fine to dump int ( if you really wanted a frontliner which poops green healing numbers you would go paladin anyway buffed lay on hands are ridicioulous)
  11. its not melee dmg but scion of flame does boost it by 20% and works on the fire godlike burn too .
  12. isnt that normal tho? weapon focus is a neutral ability so he picks it at lv2 and gets recovery at lv 3 Edit: nvm forgot rapid recovery isnt a talent in that case its indeed odd but hes not really getting more out of it its still a 1for 1 trade or does he pick up a talent too?
  13. So i did some more tests with the pets and looks like the bear was stealth nerfed to only get 2 bonus Dr instead of 3 endurance & DR at lv 14 Including the bonus from resilient companion Bears 212 endurance 26 Dr Boars 250 endurance 24 Dr Lions 221 endurance 24 Dr Antelope 192 endurance 24 Dr Wolf 192 endurance 24 Dr Stag 192 endurance 24 Dr Boars: are the best tank pet now it takes 20 hits for the bears passive Dr to overcome the extra endurance and boars having a high res make it pull ahead not to mention once they drop to 50% they do some pretty good d
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