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  1. I also have trouble finding Iron Flail Fort Ingot, awakened Owynna in WM1 and didn't read Taena's soul, don't know which part was responsible for it. To tell the truth this is really annoying. It's so frustrating to see a game still full of bugs 4 years after its release. Fortunately I haven't bought Pillars 2, I don't think I am ever going to.
  2. Did a first respec at level 12 and a second one at max level. Basically I set my stats to 20/18/3/12/19/6. And I took a very interesting invocation, which is The Bride Caught Their Ruse. The plus 5 perception and 5 intellect is nice, and ofc it requires 5 phrases, so it fits longer fights quite well I guess. Besides, I made a major change in skills. I had 8 lore before respeccing, but later I found it pointless for Chanters to use scrolls in combat. I never used one, but I can’t say for sure, because I didn’t upscale The White March, don’t know whether scrolls are needed if upscaled. But even if Chanters need one, it would be Scroll of Defense or Protection, I don’t think Chanters need offensive scrolls or moonwells, since they can always kite, or resort to Withdraw. So I set my lore to 4, with class and background bonus, that only required 1 points invested(I didn't take Hylea's boon, but Galawain instead). Also, Stealth seems pointless as well, so I invested none, but I still have 2 stealth from story bonus. I invested almost everything into Mechanics, because I didn't have Gloves of Manipulation, and 13 Mechanics was needed to detect one spot of Durgan Ingot in WM1, which cost me a Rite of Hidden Wonders as I only had 12. Now I have 15 with story bonus, which seems much more reassuring :D
  3. Ohh I though Abydon was a one-handed hammer, that's a preconceived idea of mine because of Crom Faeyr lol... Went to wiki and checked Steadfast, and yeah it's a really nice weapon, should be very effective against dragons.
  4. I'm new to this game, just doing a Chanter solo on PotD without ToI. I have reached lvl16 but haven't finished the game yet. I guess ancient memory and beloved spirits is very good before lvl9, as Chanters are extremely slow before they get Dragon Thrashed. The two talents help you survive prolonged fights. I didn't take them, as a result I suffered on some occasions. But perhaps they are not so important once you have DT, since by then you should be fast enough and fortitude becomes more of the winning hand, maybe will too, because paralyze attacks of some spirits target will defense. So probably you could respec for some defensive talents. As for accuracy, I think it's generally enough. The accuracy of my DT at lvl 16 is 100, that's with Gallant's Focus, Gaunlets of Accuracy, 15 perception(with buffs) and small shield. I prefer to max MIG, INT and CON :D Just personal opinions...
  5. The 'ultimate' choice should be Abydon's Hammer I guess, but it's more of a late game thing. Godansthunyr can be acquired much earlier.
  6. Well I have found out that Godansthunyr is a good choice, since it provides +1 might and stun on crits. The stun works pretty good on less powerful enemies.
  7. You are right about scion of flame. Max Quest i believe has a mod that fixes that Yeah I checked his mod, but I took Secrets of Rime instead, because Seven Nights looks really cool :D
  8. I take it that Chants do not benefit from talents like Beast Slayer, just like Dragon Thrashed don't get buffed by Scion of Flame, am I right?
  9. So I am doing a Chanter solo on PotD, which is my first play through. Reached alpine dragon at lvl14, and far from optimal, as my gears were just mediocre, no fancy scrolls/item granted skills/durgan enchantments. Initially the fight gave me a lot of headache. Tried perhaps 7 or 8 times, all failed. He killed me almost instantly if I fought him face-to-face. I also tried having Her Courage chant on, leaving a few adds intact to block the dragon, and ranged him. Since my Chanter was on a tanky Dragon Thrashed build, and the dragon breath attacked me every time he got hit, it didn't work out. Finally I came up with the idea of wearing boots of speed, having Farmer's spread on, and kiting him with Dragon Thrashed. I didn't really think it would work, since it just seemed too easy. But I gave it a try anyway. To my surprise, the fight turned to be a breeze. The adds died fast, and alpine dragon just couldn't hit me. Actually he hit me once, but one potion solved the problem. The rest of time he just chased me around fruitlessly and eventually got scorched. LOL......
  10. I am at level 13 right now and I can easily buff my fortitude to 145 with Stalwart resting bonus which provides +2 might and +2 constitution and food bonus. That would be 155 against petrifying if stacked with Body Control. I still have 1 or 2 quests left that can buff my MIG or CON, and just think about level bonus and the POE edition of Crom Faeyr which gives another +4 MIG...OMG it's unbelievable...that would be at least 170? How could I ever be petrified or stunned with fortitude like this? I don't even need scrolls or potions! And I took the 30-pt shield Chant at level 13, made a custom chant that combines shield and Dragon Thrashed, and that's ridiculous! Though I haven't tested it on difficult enemies I think it would make a difference... Chanter is really OP...perhaps I should try something harder on my next play through lol
  11. Chanter soloing PoTD(without ToI) on Jaheiras Witness's build: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/96377-chanter-solo-toi/ I am currently using Whispers of Yenwood, but I'm wondering what would be the 'ultimate' weapon choice for a Dragon Thrashed Chanter? Your help is much appreciated!
  12. It seems the requirement of unlocking level 4 of Company Captain's Cap is having at least 20 resolve. I am playing solo as a Chanter on PotD and running on Jaheiras Witness's build here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/96377-chanter-solo-toi/ So my character's base resolve is 10. At this moment I am at Act 2, the only items I have that boost resolve is Company Captain's Cap itself and Unwavering Resolve which would be suppressed if equipped together. And the food of dragon egg that they sell on the market that provides +3 resolve. Are there other means to boost resolve that I can achieve asap? Your help is much appreciated!
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