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  1. I'm trying to do both - even with dropping Res. I will have all the deflection talents as well as the highest deflection item (+12), as well as healing bonuses ancient memory + beloved spirits, with the ability to patch up his wounds as well. I'm doing a solo PotD run and I'm just trying to stack as much as possible. My basic thought process was 5%health/endurance > 1 deflection and fortitude is > will. Giving a chanter wants maxed Might and Int for dragon trashed you have to balance stats somewhere. It got me down the rabbit hole of why even bother with Res.
  2. This is a great example. Thank you so much for your time. So if i'm understanding this correctly if i'm not pushing 33-47 more deflection than the enemies accuracy i'm not increasing my ability to tank attacks more than I would if I had the 35% health/endurance increase? Obviously this is a simple example and is not the end all be all for all builds.
  3. Thank you for the long explanation on that. You are right about play style and meta game. I was just hoping for an answer on whether a build that isn't maximum deflection anyway (but still will be good with talents ), instead of balancing Con and Res at 10 and 10, dumpling Res to 3 and bumping Con to 17 just seems like a better choice. You gain 35% health and endurance and 14 fortitude for what seems like a minor 7 deflection loss(concentration loss to but for dragon thrashed it's not bad) . And if you use percentage based health abilities, wound binding and field triage would be more effective (35%). I just feel like you would be more effectively tanking at that point. And if 7 points of deflection really mean more than 35% more health in this case, hatchets are extremely powerful. Really I will just try it and see how it feels. I was hoping someone would chime in with a number example to prove one way or another. Either way thank you for all the responses!
  4. Your experience would be worth it's weight in gold for this game. I do question if your generalizing a bit. Meatshield builds you are referring to don't necessarily use a shield or take all the appropriate talents for deflection. I mean the -7 deflection really means more than 35% more health/endurance + 35% wound binding effectiveness (in tough fights) + another 14 fortitude? I guess I just don't understand the percentage of points of deflection to hit/graze/crit. Edit: to be fair I was generalizing in my original post. In this specific case I guess I should have been asking..
  5. More specifically I am a solo chanter using Dragon Trashed and doesn't mind getting interrupted for trash fights. For harder fights the spirit shield would over compensate for the concentration penalty. Also I'm focusing on healing and using wound binding. By dumping res and increasing Con I would effectively double my health which would make wound binding a lot better. I'm also level 10 as well. I guess it would come down to not being crit all the time. I will be using little savior + weapon and shield style + cautious attack + superior defection. Would that be enough with 3 res to not be crit all the time?
  6. Early it's very important. It does have diminishing returns tho late. You gain 3 accuracy per level which will end up compensating for the +1 accuracy per point in perception. Also classes have higher or lower accuracy to start with. Defensively you gain +2 in reflex defense which is good. Also a lesser noticed point is it increases interrupt. This can also help tank if your enemy is interrupted often.
  7. Starting this conversation because I just feel Con is a much better stat for tanking. In a situation where I can balance the 2 at 10 and 10 or dump Res and max Con. I don't know all the numbers to back this up but it seems like the health and fortitude is worth more than the deflection and concentration. Deflection can be raised easy with talents and a shield and concentration can be made up with a potion of spirit shield at the start of the fight. Again does anyone know the numbers behind this to either make my decision to keep them balanced or dump resolve? Thanks!
  8. Updated all the information at the top. Almost level 10 and made the level 9 respec! Done with act 2 except the last quest. I did all quests and it took a while. Headed to the White March. I drove off Darzir pretty easy. I will keep this going with this if I still have more interest in it!
  9. Hi! Thanks for the reply! I love talking about this stuff. I'm fairly new too. I'll try and answer what I can on what I'm trying to do. Honestly I found ancient memory to be enough. With high DR and passive healing from Moon-Godlike you don't need both early. I'm going to swap around my talents a bit based on how I went about it. The whole point later on is to stack a bunch of healing bonuses so that your endurance is constantly up. Boeroer's "Chill Fog" build describes this perfectly. (Healing Items, Might bonus, Survival Bonus, Mercy and Kindness) With this you only have to worry about health. Wound Binding also benefits from these bonuses making you have a ridiculous amount of time in battle if your are also tanky. I will find out how much is enough when I get there and maybe take away Veterans Recovery for Bear Fortitude if I feel like all the healing from everything else is enough. All that is great and I agree, however the only damage increases I think for DT are Might, INT, and crits. Crits come from higher accuracy. Con is also great but with all the healing I might rather take a higher PER late game for more crits. Again I'm not an expert, only experimenting. If this turns out to be great I will post a full build. If it sucks entirely I will own it and let everyone know. I think it will be fine based on work Boeroer has already done. I'll just try and map it out how to do it solo for the "ultimate" achievement.
  10. I find it hard to tank for a good portion of time with any summons, however I can outlast groups of 10-15 pretty easy if I'm not being attacked by more than 2. This combined with a good Per gives me great flexibility and it's really safe. I mean when I hit dragon trashed it may be good to switch to it at the start of the chant and go back to your shield? I find Soft Winds really uninspiring.
  11. Updated the build at the top. Everything is mostly the same except more information and I changed the starting stats. Perception is truly a must even if you plan on using the phantom most of the time. I found using scrolls in the hard battles to be needed. I will keep updating this as I go along if people are interested.
  12. Thank you both for your input! I really think this game is awesome and it's fun to talk about. It's also great to hear from people that have such a knowledge of the game. I modified my stats a bit based on what you have said Jaheiras. I'm going to still give this a go and try and get "the ultimate" achievement for this. I really do think the healing makes a difference. I will take what you guys have said and try and help my play-through be a little easier. Hopefully sometime soon i'll post whether I made it or not! Thanks again guys~!
  13. The healing is more of an addition to the sturdiness. I certainly still get hit on PotD even with all the deflection bonuses and large shield. Are you suggesting that you don't get hit? I feel I can take bigger fights with this setup, at least early. I mean early the high fortitude from max str and max con help big time for this. As well as potions of Wizard Double to help not get hit or maybe just grazed. And yes Coastal Aumaua would help with the defenses but I think once you get a preservation item/s this race for a Chanter seems bad. You kind want to be stunned/proned right? +100 defenses and dragon trashed still kills people. The other disables would probably need some prayer against scrolls for I assume? Coastal would still need protection on that. I totally agree about INT.. Didn't think of all the effects of potions and scrolls and talents that i had chosen. Maybe i'm flying off the deep end here or just my lack of understanding of this game is getting the best of me... Either way I appreciate your input and love this game and the discussion of it!
  14. It's listed in the title as solo, and I'm trying to get the "ultimate" achievement. By reloading I will save when I run out of time playing and just reload where I left off. You only need 13 to unlock all locks in the game without scaling (11 needed to unlock it with picks). So with the Gloves of Manipulation, Resting bonus, Dungeon Delver - you will only need 6 Mechanics. This adds up to around 15 of your 90 skill points with the chanters bonus. The whole point of survival was to push as much healing as possible to be sturdy which also synergizes with Moon-Godlike and Chanter talents. You're right about PER. You can drop it completely. Why max INT at all times? It just adds some time with phantom at that point right? Max Res has helped so far. That extra 8 deflection early makes a difference I think. I could be wrong on this. Again I was trying to push max healing for this build which I thought was good for solo play as well as party play. I'm fairly new to this game so I am by no means an expert on this. Wouldn't wound binding heal you a great amount >100 percent health in battle with survival bonus plus belt of bountiful healing? This seems like it would be big giving all your healing to keep your endurance basically up all the time with all the healing talents. Thanks a lot for your reply! It means a lot considering this an older game now and the forum isn't as active with Pillars 2 out now.
  15. Very cool visually! This would go very well with a "wild" themed party. I'm assuming systematically it may work better with daggers still for flick of the wrist accuracy?
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