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  1. Hello, everybody. After, over than year break I've decided to finish my solo trial of iron run. After loading save discovered that all my story progress is lost. Last time I stopped at Kolsc slain and loaded in his house. And I have log entry about it. I still have my lvl 16 character, all stats, obtained perks like gift from machine, flick of wrist etc., all my Items in inventory and on the ragdoll, BUT no quests, no other opened, but few starting locations. Caed Nua colored gray on the map, like i've never been there. All monsters and quest and npc characters I've killed before, hidden loot all on their places. Ingame timer were reset like I just started new game. Does anybody know what's going on? Is there any way to fix saves? I'm very frustrated, hundred of hours gameplay down the drain.
  2. As much as I read this topic I realize that this build will be my first attempt to Ultimate. Now I'm playing PoTD with priest, roleplay spin off of @Boeroer 's Skaen Needle. I'm 16 lvl, and walkthrough is routine and boring now just wiping locations (going deep to Adra Dragon), becouse it's a killing machine. But in expert mode it will be too hard for me to preserve disposition points. Also it's cool soulbound belt in deadfire pack, wich is made especialy for this character. UPD. It's like a cheat. Kaed Nua battle all time in permanent stun. lvl 4. Early game Is much easier then priest run.
  3. Hi, everybody! I want to present you my build of solo roleplay PoTD Skaen priest. It's inspired by @Boeroer's Schemer's Needler Disclaimer: =================================== Savage de Torqmad =================================== Game version: PX1 PX2 PX4 - steam -------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty: PotD -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Priest -------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Coastal Aumaua -------------------------------------------------------------- Background: The White That Wends - Drifter -------------------------------------------------------------- Base attributes: -------------------------------------------------------------- Skills: Stealth/Lore/Mechanics -------------------------------------------------------------- Abilities/Talents: Leveling: Items: =================================== It is impossible to start without good story Beware, The Savage Comes! As any good story, we have interlude, then Aumaua young man journey begins. Then 4 key stages of character growth: Low level 1 -4, he is young and weak, shadows and lockpicks his best friends. The best battle is that not happend. Escape foes as much as it possible, gain expirience and items. Pre mid levels (4 - 8 ) Kill Maerwald, get Dial Ewn Dibita and buy war club of the Mataru, solve quests, feel free. At this stage, character ready to take a step out of the shadows and improve social skills. Also, as much as he hates cold as he loves snow walleys. Stalwart calls! The Rise of the Priest (8 - 12) At level 8 You gain Shining Beacon and Scion of flame, you're using divine powers more frequent than brute force. Control and dominate. Scrolls of Paralyze and Confusion, potions. Face your doom (12+) Bounties are very interesting and bring the most experience this time. Prepare to face Skaen and serve his will, but before so much interesting. Dragons, Dungeons, Zealots, You get Hylea's boon to reach Lore 10. Maelstrom is pretty nice sometimes. The much part of the story untold, but everything has its time.
  4. Thanks, guys for your comments. Wizard, i think is the most versitale class in the game, and i never can't imagine that solo run will be so interesting and exciting.
  5. I think, more interesting and dramatical resolution could be: 1. Using power of watcher make Raedric repent and refuse the throne. Heil Kolsc! New dictator. 2. With lore and intelligence force him to commit a suicide. 3. Or deal with Raedric and lure Kolsc into ambush in Hold. (with options execute|send to adra mines|give a new pet for Ozria's experiments). 4. To kill them both, or wait aside while they kill each other and become a lord. But there are some dialog options which I've never used, and maybe some non combat solutions are already exists. I'm not sure. But, this is another story, too far from original topic.
  6. Kirinyale, главное чтоб не как Гензель и Гретта с дорожкой из хлебных крошек . This tactics could be useful for any class. I thought that there is no balance in game and only rogues can do such tricks, but true said long live long learn. During the game I frequently ask myself why there is no pickpocketing and distraction abilities, which could be applied in stealth mode without engaging in battle. Does it realy ruin the game?
  7. Oh, thanks God, Man! You've made my day! Last night my chair was burnt in attempts to sneak arround this hall. A very important dialogue made my spiritshift druid out of stealth and then phantoms never released me from stun, again and again and again ... So, thanks for a tips!
  8. As I remember this is absent in the list, but in 3.02 there is a box in the north of the lab full of undeads before Ozria's room Raedric's Hold, sewers. On day 5 there is scroll of mechanics there. Could be very useful if you have 4 lore, but lack of mechanics to find prison hidden, or disarm the trap on bedroom stash, to get gloves of mechanics in same day.
  9. Oh, interesting. What should hero do in previous game quests\desicions for that ?
  10. Hi all! Just finished my walkthrough on normal. And seriously involved in solo. The new storytale mode is an easy trip while soloing the most time. But in WM2 devs added a new achievement. The Ultimate. Complete the White March and Pillars of Eternity, defeat all dragons, all bounties, and both archmages on Expert, Trial of Iron, and Path of the Damned modes without taking any companions after Cilant Lîs. I've started to test myself in PoTD mode, watched some videos,which shows how to kill an Alpine Dragon, and believed in that is possible, but as I remember Archmages are the toughest guys itself, and there are two dragons else, and all this in PoTD. Did anybody kill them solo? Which way? Also, quests connected to Caed Nua challenges, If I go solo, I can't hire a partner and live him to comlete the tasks, that's why it's impossible to obtain unique items, especialy diving helmet. AFAIK in the final of WM2 if hero sucrifices him|herself and destroys the crystal, he|she dies and there is the end of the game. But in my walkthrough I had a helmet, and it saved my life. So the questions are: 1. Is it possible to get a rewards from Caed Nua challenges, and still complete without taking any companions after Cilant Lîs.condition ? 2. How to survive in final without helmet? Or White March means that WM2 not included? p.s. sorry for my bad english.
  11. Hi, all! Pretty looking build, very interesting in case of roleplay, but did anybody try this in solo PoTD? What are the basic rules in soloing? The key steps, talents, traits in first 5 lvls, for example i have char lvl 3 and stealth lvl 4, and no chances neither to sneak around the Rederick's keep balcony guard, nor ghouls in cewers. And so on. I'm so tired to die from very beginning every time, when charged by more then one enemy.
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