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  1. Sorry that was just my bad reply. I tend to enjoy playing high DPS classes in RPGs is all. Like berserkers or kensai in baldurs gate. I often am an altaholic till I find my perfect fit for a class. I don't mind high micro though it can be a pain on console. Just looking for something that has raw power through most of the game that doesn't require end game builds.
  2. If rogues and fighters fall off so hard, who would you say is the best DPS to main then?
  3. Thanks for all the help I'll go the tidefall route. Since I am getting per to 18 should I respec later and boost another stat since my accuracy will be amazing anyways? Also who should I sacrifice to the blood pool? Hir or sagani? I'm keeping eder cause I find him to be really useful as offtank DPS with knockdowns and into the fray. Dual sabres for him while pelligina is pure tank and support. I find aloth always feels like he doesn't do too much for me even with tons of spells. Durance and grieving mother always feel more impactful. Should I drop aloth for sagani? Kana feels like he can be good but is hit or miss. I won't even get knockdowns till late. I too like firebrand but I'm saving it for a fire godlike bleak walker build.
  4. I remember reading an old Post of yours where you said hours of St rum sword was your favorite. Is it really that inferior to tidefall? I know the low int will make prones pointless but with higher crit multipliers and even short prone times it seems like it could rival tidefall. But of course you know infinitely more about the game so I will take your advice.
  5. What about going for human? Fighting spirit lasts 20 seconds and seems like a much better DPS boost than 1 less might. Or does it rely on your character staying below 50% endurance? Is it just too unreliable?
  6. Hey it's very hard to find up to date POE1 builds. I have a potato computer so I'm stuck with POE1 for ps4. I'm trying to figure out the best pure DPS 2handed figher build. I thought dumping res and lowering con a bit while maxxing might Dex and per could work well with hours of St. Sword. And I thought human might actually work better than aumaua since I will be getting hit alot! Fighting spirit seems to be great for a front liner with sanguine plate shod in faith and low deflection front liner. At the same time he might just be on the ground half the fight! I don't really want a high int fighter it just feels weird for rp reasons (mainly why I don't make a Barb). Crit build 2hander just seems fun. But is it equal or better than tidefall and white spire/boep?
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