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  1. Divinity Original Sin 2, made exactly this horrible mistake. You could play any companion as main character and change it as you like. Or you might recruit it as the actual companion and change as you like. The result is catastrophic, obviously. Noon play that, and sales are missing. LOL.
  2. I play the real time with auto-pause to almost all events. So the the new round base mode is not so innovative. However, the "round order/sequence" panel in the right up corner would be very useful. Is it possible to add togle.able (from menu option) panel of actions also for the real time? sort the actions by the moment of activation/attack, so omit recovery If an enemy is start casting a fireball, I see in the panel how many (mili)seconds left to explosion, so I can counter. Dont realy need closely observing recovery phase. The moment from start of the action to the execution, is the important. Who is faster, who is slower, Such info is hidden in the current real time system, and is one of the reasons why is so messy. Reason is simple, speed of actions and their proper counter actions is hard to guess. Hard to get timing. So counter spell or (rogue) interrupts are usually lucky guess than an intention. With more precise panel in the real time, planing action could be more strategic. I would rather see more readable RTS combat, than a harsh overhaul to a hard round system. Perhaps show two panels, one action(attack/cast) panel, second recovery ( and walking) panel. So player easy recognize threat and timing. Thank you
  3. When they introduced this nonsense, back in beta. I linked an drawing of medieval guide, pointing out that for dual-swords half-swording we have no race with four hands to do it properly. For a moment overlooking a fact that half-swording cant be executed with one handed sword. You need a nice piece of steel to convert (two handed)sword to a short-spear weapon like. But, game designers are obviously number jugglers, dont care reality check. The game contains magic, so what the heck.
  4. I hope its intentional, or at least they dont bother fix it. Al thou I would like to add a mechanic that more people hiding cause more noise, also armor should play role.
  5. Offhand weapon is in your weak arm. So, dual-wielding penalty should focus there. And only there. Also I would like to add a modal for dual-wield, "use the main hand only". So you focus/use just main hand with all the consequences. " two handed weapons should just get a max dmg roll with Full Attacks. I found that pretty interesting. Basically it's a base damage increase for Full Attacks with two handers and makes them very predictable (when it comes to dmg output). I liked that suggestion best so far. It would still not compete with dual wielding - but one could always add a short interrupt on crit or so."' I Like it.
  6. Game is intimidating for new player because it require to even start a game read wall of text. Precisely a wall made of walls of texts. So how do we improve it? ... well, lets create fresh new wall of text. Brilliant!
  7. Although it make sense by world-mechanic or lore-wise. In the player point of view - That system creates a craft whore. A companion which is hired whenever I decide to upgrade. Similar craft mechanic was in the Original Sin 1, silently dropped for DOS2. I agree that improve an magical braest plate in the middle of dungeon corridor and quick as blink of an eye is somewhat wrong, so Perhaps, upgrades could be done only at certain places (NPC crafter?) and take several hours. Perhaps big ships contain a forge so upgrades for wealthy adventurer is easyer/cheaper?
  8. Valve supposedly working how to disable any form of sales statistics. Bought and disabled Steam Spy stats. See also recent quiet disabling another external tool.
  9. Huh, kooky. I can only assume Obs had some telemetrics showing that players were severely abusing Rest spam for the sole purpose of chain summoning all their figurines at once, for approximately 30-45 seconds at a time. [ ] A cap on the amount of figurine summons able to be used active in during a single encounter. 1 Problem solved. or simply says: At any time, its allowed to call ONE figurine summon per party. Calling another one, kills previous. That would be more balancing solution. Currently I could still call up an figurine army to win a fight, which is not balanced.
  10. They are reworked, you are just overleveled for all of them. We'll have to wait for more high-level content from DLCs at this point I think for challenging end-game stuff. There is a check button, "scale up" so you actually cant be overleveled. Or it doesnt work?
  11. All consumables are not scaled with charater levels, that's a big nerf imo. So scalin by PL then Single classes are preferred consumers now? That is weird design. Could we expect a marketing posters in port Maje focused at proper target group ? "Magnificent potion of luck for single class fisherman. Catch your gold fish Now." lol When statue has charges its consumed?
  12. Thanks for boost wizard sub-classes. Now the specialist wizard in multiclass compete with true wizard in chosen area. Nice way differentiate single to multi-class. /////////////////////////////////////////////// +1 PEN for 2handers is great news, although compare PEN of two-handed sword vs blunt light stick (staff) staff should get rather recovery 4s -> 3s and keep PEN as it was staff is very fast and agile weapon, also good for defense. Staff is definitely not an penetration expert. Thanks for consideration
  13. Some one handed weapons types shout get flag, "main hand only", like spear, mace, warhammer, scepter, ....
  14. 2h weapon -> threatening property minimum attack/accuracy roll is 20. e.g. When roll is lower than 20 then is equal to 20. So 2h weapon you get attack rolls in range of 20-100 instead of 1-100 and //////////// add Bonus +1 PEN agree, except staff. Staff should be rather faster. I mean Shorter recovery.
  15. When you bite more than you could chew then it happens. Miss-management, wrong time scheduling, underestimate importance of internal\VIP testing. Fiddling Resolve meaning to the last month before release so NPC could not be polished, difficulty could not be tuned. Also compare marketing campaign POE with DOS. Also check accessibility for casual players in POE, that is horrible. Can you imagine a 13 year old "I_want_have_fun_NOW", enjoy at first 40 minutes in the game? Same for a working professional, who has 2 hours per week for gaming. Is there any option, how to start playing the game in under 5 minutes? (get noticed character import tutorial and character creation, and intro movie is NOT part of the game for casual gamers.) All these mistakes cost tens of thousands not sold copies. Check number of current players at steam, new POE2 vs a nearly year old DOS2. That is the result of all these mistakes. Looks to me like devs overfocuse for a story (text) part of the game, underestimate resources for introduction the completely new systems (all the ships mechanics include management and combat, relationships in party, guild relationships) which produced a lot of cuts somewhere else, which lead to unpolished things deadbackfire of whole customer satisfaction. I only hope, Obsidians survive this kind of success, learn and make POE3 polished on release.
  16. POE game mechanics are over-complicated in general. Does your proposal sounds like relief?
  17. Improving and balancing game is Obsidian advantage. Other company might release and forget, which is the style you prefer. Then you could choose some money snatch project, there are plenty on the Steam. When you feel the difficulty rises up over your character build, then you can lower it by yourself. You could still feel that power of unstoppable of rolling at first level of difficulty. Feel free to have fun.
  18. A hippo would be even cooler. Look at what they can do. Disarming right?
  19. Show this explanation as a background on the screen when Josh explains in front, how much effort they put to more readable rules. LOL
  20. With an Assassin you could one-shot one enemy from stealth.
  21. Ultimate solution to a general hedache. For few coins, you could be devoted to any superb weapon you find/craft.
  22. Oh. You are Right. I saw two numbers in two UI section, so tghout they are different.
  23. Hard to Achieve: You need to invest skill points to stealth, attack is usable max once per fight, usage is not guaranteed. Compare with Athletics skills - usage is quaranteed once in every fight, with no extra micro.
  24. 1st dual wielding: shoot both at once, reload weapon 1,shot weapon 1, reload weapon 1,shot weapon 1, repeat dual wield pistols gets first big punch then it self switches to a single mod. In combat, speed is the most important so dont force load both weapon. Only if you are in combat and has no target then load both weapons. Otherwise shot as fast as possible, one hand. Think is, you need another proficiency and another weapon to get dual wield wwork properly, so it is hard enough for that initial alpha punch. After that use single proficiency and single acc bonus. Dual wield should be reserved for experts, so for proper usage you need to know 2 proficiency's. 2nd dual wielding: shoot both at once, switch weapon set - that should be proper usage combo - switch weapon set after attack (or check the empty status) should be supported in AI/script tool Apply all that then, Black jacket subclass start to shine. - agree that dual wield guns with a melee or shield should loading make longer - also would like to see a one handed mini-crosbow, which works, regarding loading, same as guns, but is quiet to shoot. Just came to mind, Deadfire supports one weapon in two weapon sets, did anyone test if rearm one hand takes shorter? I mean, I hold sword and board rearm to gun and THE same board shoot gun rearm back to sword and THE same board That is a fun pirate-like fight I want to see. Could experts here, measure the frames for rearm one hand when holding the same shield/side arm?
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