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  1. i have been trying to mod for a while and i am wondering what would be good sound system to record VO with?
  2. i've heard that atton dying seen, and i have to ask how is that in any way considered an "end" or at least a better end than we alrady have?
  3. i do get rather affcted by Mechquest and POTC online however
  4. no, if you are female you don't get the hand maiden, and yes depending on gender and alignment certain people join you.
  5. No you haven't. You'll get the parts eventually, and no you can't accidently miss them . As for the second part - yes - you do just talk to Bao-dur and he'll do his thing. Misleading text. Well, sort of. Basically he's just saying you can use a lightsabre, if you have one. one time i got a lightsaber as random loot from a sith assasin on the harbinger
  6. in general agreement with the stim comment, also what lvs are these characters, and what are they equipped with?
  7. as much as i hate malachor i still hate nar shaddaa more
  8. no no xbox at all, just pc, ps2 and ds
  9. i've had my repair at 22 and this still asks for his parts
  10. no they arn't they pop up athe worst times
  11. i hate all invisible enemies, we(the exile/revan) should be the only ones to become invisble, and maybe the mandos
  12. that is how i run my game all the time or else i have the slowest possible game
  13. that is why i normally just go to the hssiss cave and beef up to lv 50
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