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  1. Your age or the rating out of 100?

  2. "Who would win in a race, a speeder or jedi's force run" Yes that could be something to consider... and yes tatooine is another limited planet.
  3. Because we all know that love is all about the nudity, even if it's partial. Everything else is secondary. WOOT!!!! Moderator at my side!! Bow Chicka Wow Wow! Lucas can just up the rating to a M... *cough Cough*
  4. No, the exile has no force connection. None. He had none while he was in exile, and he has none during the game. So why can he use the force during the game? Because he forms new bonds with his companions and can "feel" and manipulate the force through those - note how it's described as being "somehow far way" or "from across a great chasm" or "like an echo" the first time he feels the force again. That's because he has no direct connection - he has a connection only through a bond with Kreia at that point, which is the "distance" mentioned, as he gets the force "second-hand", if you will. So why didn't the exile do that during his decade in exile in the outer rim? That's what HK-47 tells us - he simply disconnected himself from other people, and without a bond to other people he has no access to the force. The exile is, of course, completely oblivious about this throughout most of the game. Exactly, Exile never had an existing force level coursing through him. However after Kreia's death he is connected to the force why? Because he most likely receives most of her's... Or he just is granted it back.
  5. I told you man, I had the same exact problem that will need to be fixed in new games to come. Its a stupid issue, you go out and buy a nice card, then you cant play because the "old" game you want to play doesnt support your card because it is too good.
  6. Not so fast Xard, how can you compare Aliens to Star Wars...? I know this is where opinions kick in but in a overall vote Star Wars will beat any other series. Yes I see where your coming from, but just because its stripped down D20 mechanics, it is and always will be Star War's first RPG. I may not being using revolutionary in the correct way, but it still is revolutionary in itself because it was the first. Maybe not in a overall gaming way, but by anything to do with Star War's Yes!
  7. Thats all im saying man, im no luvvy dubby boy or anything.
  8. It could be viewed as "your" choice but theres enough substantial information to state he didn't just merely fall. He aided the republic in the mando war's not because he was evil but merely to end the threat. The council was doing absolutely nothing! Which fueled Revan to take immediate action. Now he was never "Dark" lord but was very close to completely falling. And its not he didn't trust the council Kreia taught him they were flawed... its obvious, I mean she did the same thing to Exile. Now there are many speculations on why he went to the darkside, but its shown that the old republic wasn't ready for any kind of threat involving betrayal. Yes he caused many lifes.. but Revan's always believed in the "Greater Good"
  9. You just contradicted yourself... you said it was Star War's FIRST rpg which is revolutionary in itself. If you don't take it in that form than that doesn't matter you already said you enjoyed it. TFU will last as long as its 19-24 hours of gameplay Lucas Arts said it will, kotor in my case lasted over 100 hours..
  10. Sorry I couldn't figure out how to put it in more blatant terms at the time. And I thought you were serious excuse the partial flamming. Yes I agree something must happen to Revan and Exile.... but it doesn't neccesalry have to be bad... Think about a romance... (just throwing stuff out) a potential epic conflict in which all the characters must work together.. Some way of stopping the sith that causes them both to give their lifes.. New guy fueled by both of the master teachers kills one or the other... or both?
  11. Have you forgoten the plot already? You find out in the end that Revan was just true to himself, he was testing the republic and strengthning them for the upcoming "True threat." Revan in my opinion would mutilate Exile, but there' no chance they would fight unless they discuss what to do and ULTIMATELY DISAGREE. Revan wouldn't join the true sith because he just busted his ass killing Malak to get rid of the Sith Lord title... Now it would be funny that the new pc is not established yet to the force and the Exile and Revan fight over who should train him... Or you could get training from both of them... in some secret training deal... I don't know.
  12. I thought we told everyone at least 20 times that there is no possibillity that obsidian and bioware would work together, first of all EA bought Bioware, and would only work with obsidian if they were bought aswell. EA is a huge company they think they dont need help developing games outside of there company. When you dont read all of the posts before, you are asking to be flamed by paticulary all of us here. How ever in the beginning of idea 2, that doesn't sound bad at all, but then I'd push for an underaged soldier.
  13. Well I could just buy a danm new one there only 20-30 bucks... thing is Ive bought 2 for xbox (one was glitchy) and 2 for computer because my previous cd was scratched. So in terms for everyone to understand this will be my 5th purchase.
  14. I agree, I liked Telos surface, but i hated the Citadel Station. Nar Shadaa however, was colorless and blocky. Yes i enjoyed SPOILER: throwing the weak minded minions into the center, it was empty compared to what it should of been. In KOTOR 3 it should be much more bustling.. kind of like new york. well see apart from korriban, and dantooine we could go to the same planets and end up in compleatly diferent areas, there are hundreds of modules on cidital station, nar shaddaa is one plant city, iziz goes on for HUNDREDS of miles Thats correct, when I was on that planet I felt so tied down and restricted.
  15. The kotor's sadly had no romance that was obvious. There were hints and phrases describing a possibillity but thats about it. And if anyone has played Mass Effect bio actually did tremondously better on the romances... There was partial nudity!!! I love the dialogue choices when you get intiment with one of your companions in that game. Your her superior and after she says "that was great" you can say "how bout round 2".
  16. Heh heh, I just listed the reason why and everyone seemed to ignore it.... Kreia forced him to feel the force, she knew what he went through at malachor knew the echo he created, and that is why she loved him. She knew he was both the death and life of the force.
  17. Play your card on lowest settings and turn on Anti-Aliasing, and a few other things to lower everything. YEs I know your card can handle it but KOTOR 2 is set up wierd in terms of graphic card capabillity. I can play just about any game on my computer, but KOTOR 2 is one of the games that gives me trouble, first because I use Vista for windows, and second because my new age graphics card is not supported.
  18. Oh no, some nobody on the internet is dissapointed in me, im going to go away and reevaluate my life... Only thing i was using KSE for was to fix up things that some mods had glitched up, like within the mandelorian battle circle the first guy (green amour?) was dead before i got to him and couldnt do the battle circle. Also used it to fix a bug one mod created that didn't let the handmaiden level up. Can't remember mod's installed as i installed them agaes ago and only came back to the game recently, know the Droid factory resteration was one of them, along with a few others. Great thats exactly what I wanted you to do. Didnt know you'd take it that hard.
  19. Well I finally caught someone with my avatar... But make sure you have all of the new updates, this is a must. What kind of operating system do you have??? XP/Vista?
  20. hahahahah I laughed so hard when I saw this.. nice
  21. I think i might have voted.. but I cant stand Polls... there so one sided, and pointless. Im pretty sure most people ask themselves this after playing through both.
  22. It will be fun... for the time it lasts. It will never reach the revolutionary value of the kotor's, however Im loving the effects and game engine, so I guess im waiting for its arrival aswell. Id rather see a KOTOR 3 everyday on the upcoming game list though.
  23. Im rethinking my statement, if Revan were male and Exile female it could add romance in kotor 3!!!! Sorry I think romance makes most games.
  24. Im puzzled.. Kreia is the favorite main characters? I mean she did add a killer twist in the plot which I enjoyed, but it pissed me off when she drained me and made me unconcious. Overall she is a great character I love the voice actor for her. HOWever I prefer Atton, he never gives up, and train him hard enough and he can unleash a sneak attack from hell. Mira had the im too hip and cool for you thing going, I laughed out loud when she called me an old man, but then complimented on how good I look. Disciple was a waste of space, they could of fixed the level up glitch and I would of been happy instead of having that "dead weight" in both combat and dialogue. Bao-Dur was an unfinished character who could of had more twist to him. I did like the time where he told you he enjoyed cutting down the mandolorians.
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