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  1. Put your save game on a flash drive then re-install. That has been proved to work. Give it a try.
  2. Well occationally I would get this problem but it would fix after he spun for a little while.. You might need to reload the save or double check compatibillity and updates.
  3. I believe it has to do with Radeon X19590PRO my uncle has it and he cant run it either. Not that its not capable just compatibillity issue
  4. Sorry to seem like an ass.. but are you a complete dumb ass? George owns Lucas Arts... hes made many statements on the franchise aswell.
  5. Btw its Kate Beckinsale, and I just saw the movie "Click" again and man she is deviously gorgeous
  6. Because Lucas wanted it that way, and others have continued the trend - plus they might lose sales if the "good" side did not win. Have you not heard of Darth Reven?! Bull****. Your view of "good" might be different from my own - and thus your "good" prevailing might be my "bad" taking control. 1. :D, you ignored the whole idea of the post. There are people out there that will always argue the Dark Side is stronger. You could answer any argument to any story by simply saying (The Author Wanted it that way!) Doh 2. Darth Revan is an iffy subject. It can be argued that he was both Dark Sided and Light Sided, or if you play the non-canonical KOTOR just Dark Sided the whole way through. Even with his power as the Dark Lord he still had a weakness. Bastila and and some Jedi borded his flagship and fought him, and due to the (As I mentioned Earlier) Sith lifestyle, Revan's not so loyal apprentice betrayed him. 3. My view of good is perfectly obvious. A republic/democracy instead of some Sith Emperor who believes if you can't fend for yourself you should just take a blaster shot the head and save someone else some trouble. It doesnt matter he still was the dark lord at one point in time.
  7. as much as George likes money he doesn't seem to be playing his cards right so far , well in the kotor franchises terms
  8. George did everything in the movies. And the discussion of the orders belongs in the "old or new order" topic
  9. hey Malak wasn't that bad. He was fun to beat up on before you would get the cut-scene that he was too strong. It annoyed the hell out of me when I got to that part. But the same thing happens in number 2 when your fighting Nhilus
  10. I'm glad you enjoyed it it's another Star Wars masterpiece. I really enjoyed the main character Bane because he was such a bad ass. He wasn't a goody good two shoes, and the energy whip was pretty interesting and brilliant.
  11. want to know why it was rushed in the first place? Because people that are begging for its release some just wanting a damn glimpse of it. I wish to see it come out as much as anyone else, but I'd rather give it more time to make sure everything is in its right place and tested through and through. If people think KOTOR2 was bad then that proves how mental you are and blind towards a good game. Now what made it "bad" is the removed content,bugs, and rushed plot. This is what I fear for its 3 version because like jediphile and architect said we don't want the baloon before its even inflated.
  12. can there be a sticky that says kotor3=not mmo in 1000times font. Though I think jediphile likes posting his confirmation a Hundred times
  13. I've been here as long as you have
  14. I guess your kind of right; actually come to think of it Revan led the sith, and will attempt to destroy them in kotor 3. Even though he kind of did it already
  15. what's your obsession with Bane, I mean the book was cool but hes a dark Jedi who still sucks his thumb. Remeber his little girl toy she could of killed him.
  16. Meh... shoulda seen that coming. Maybe Revan WANTED to be caught? It's not very obvious from K1, but in K2, Kreia got me thinking that Revan had all these hidden agendas... started the Mandalorian wars to SAVE the Republic and whatnot... who knows? Maybe this was Revan's plot all along to follow the light again... And speaking of Mandalorian - Just to lighten the mood. actually that is the only thing revan didnt plan.. It was a huge setback, thank Bastilla she might seem like some Jedi pacifist but she can hold her own in both combat and romance, not that you could tell because the screen went black
  17. that's odd rosberg... Obsidian actually excelled in the categories you listed , they just need help on plot and story which Is what bios good at
  18. Im only a junior in highschool, but im taking my second semester of computer science... what should I take after it if I want to pursue Game Designing as a job.
  19. What exactly is the point of this..? RP Ideas? Or just for fun thoughts...
  20. Sounds good to me, I always thought Bioware lacked in some area's as Obsidian does.. but EA bought Bioware.. I don't see a team up happening. Im confident Obsidian can tackle it alone, but it still would be a great help if Bioware pitched in. I mean look at Mass Effect... it might not be as long lasting as the KOTOR's but it shows what you can do to an RPG on a Next Generation Console
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